Evangelism USA is committed to providing support and resources servicing the IPHC for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission and advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the United States of America. Through engaging ARISE 2033, our primary approach is to impact the local churches of the IPHC.

Struggling to launch or grow your church? HGM equips church planters and pastors with proven systems and a supportive coaching network. Launch strong, revitalize existing ministries, and see your church thrive with HGM's expert guidance.

Acts2Day Ministries empowers churches across the USA. Equipping leaders through credentialing programs and providing training to local congregations, fostering a vibrant national network dedicated to spreading the Gospel.

Connecting leaders and empowering churches, Hispanic Ministries equips churches and ministers nationwide with training, resources, and a support network to serve their Spanish-speaking churches and communities all around the USA.

As the IPHC's premier Spanish-language Bible Institute, INCaM offers a comprehensive curriculum for aspiring ministers. With three levels of education, INCaM prepares you for church leadership or further theological study. Advance your calling at INCaM.

Mission:M25 is a national ministry in in search of the overlooked, the lost, and the ones hurting in today’s society. Identifying, networking, training and celebrating leaders reaching the people considered ‘At Risk” in communities around the nation.

Chaplains Ministries establishes educational, denominational, and other requirements so those who feel called to serve in a branch of the armed forces or in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, emergency services, hospice, industries, and other civilian institutions.

Ethnic Reach connects believers from all around the world while living in the United States, training and equipping them to share the Gospel with their own communities and celebrating cultural richness while unapologetically sharing Christ's love!

A Child Deserves is a local church-based Christian fostering initiative to assist and equip the church to take up the command of James 1:27 and care for the most vulnerable and innocent people group in our society: the children in the foster care system.

The US Missions Spotlight showcases the remarkable individuals and families who answer the call to serve as missionaries within the United States.

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