Evangelism USA is the force behind the IPHC's evangelistic efforts to reach the lost and extend the Kingdom of God in the United States of America. Evangelism USA has accepted the challenge and directive of the ARISE 2033 vision outlined for the efforts of IPHC across the United States of America. The direction, demands, and decisions that ARISE 2033 provided became our clarion call for engagement and action. In seeking for clarity and a Biblical focus and confirmation, Evangelism USA was undeniably given the promise and requirement of Galatians 5:25, “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” With conviction and confidence, we pressed into developing and providing the necessary resources, strategies and personnel to service and serve our great church. The driving emphasis is to assist and equip the local church for greater impact and effectiveness for reaching the lost and advancing the Gospel.


Please join with Evangelism USA as we aggressively pray the following prayer points:

The Evangelism USA Leadership Gathering is the premier training event for pastors, church planters, and leadership in general. Every year we invite guest speakers that bring fresh vision and information that can significantly support the mission of every church and leaders around the country. This event is free of cost for attendants and is a great blessing for those searching for ways to revitalize their leadership and congregations.

All churches matter. This training is an expression of our Healthy, Growing, Multiplying efforts through Evangelism USA. Our heart is to come alongside the pastor and the local church in aiding you through simple and applicable principles and practices to advance your ministry and enlarge your redemptive effectiveness.




Without question, the Holy Spirit is awakening the body of Christ to the duty, privilege, and priority of serving the neediest among us. There is a crisis in our nation and your geographical area of ministry assignment: Homeless, abandoned, neglected, and disadvantaged children.


This significant ministry opportunity is in partnership with Christ Central Ministries. CMC is a very practical and applicable approach to impacting our areas of ministry responsibilities with the love of God and hope found only in Him.  The CMC Team is in aggressive planning and strategizing to provide you with the regional training to certify our community chaplains across the nation.

For more information, contact, 580-919-8046 or, 405-792-7146

Metro World Child is a faith-based humanitarian organization committed to serving the underprivileged inner-city children of the world. By sharing the Gospel, showing God’s love and meeting needs, together, we can help break the cycle of poverty, provide hope, build futures and empower children to rise up out of the streets and become tomorrow’s leaders.


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