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INCaM-Instituto Nacional de Capacitación Ministerial

In fall of 2000, a significant dream became a vision, which later led to the formation of The National Training Institute, known today by its acronym (INCaM), National Institute of Ministerial Training. Since then, more than 800 students have been enrolled in the curriculum, and an average of 400 graduated.  INCaM is an institution of ministerial training of the IPHC, which helps pastors and leaders prepare themselves to give the Lord Jesus Christ an effective and committed ministerial service to edify His church.

Our vision is based on the Apostle Paul´s statement found in 2 Timothy 2:2

“…and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

In our vision, we continue to provide the leadership tools to acquire knowledge and gain experience in the various ministries of God´s work within the United States through the INCaM program. We offer quality training through multiple classes and topics for pastors and church leaders in each geographical area of the country. This training, in the form of systematic classes, cover a significant number of aspects of church life and growth, as well as ministerial and personal areas of a leader´s life.

Our focus is to contribute in the advancement of God´s Kingdom by promoting the evangelism of our cities, encouraging people to plant new churches, contributing to the growth and revitalization of congregations, encouraging personal leadership growth, ministering to families and reaching the youngest generations.

INCaM is working in conjunction with Advantage College for students who wish to continue their ministerial and theological education at a higher academic level. Also, this program is helping all laborers to obtain their ministerial credentials with the conferences of the IPHC.

INCaM for 2018

  1. Expanding and recruiting, to help multiply ministers:  Church’s planters, pastors, and local church leaders.
  2. Continue opening new sites to help Bishops and directors to train their Hispanic leaders to accomplish their Conference’s vision.
  3. Take INCaM as an incubator for the next IPHC Hispanic credentialed leaders.
  4. Providing opportunities to study areas of ministry that are in need within the conferences.
  5. Work alongside with Conferences to help reproduce healthy leaders.


Luis Avila
National Field Director
Hispanic Ministries / INCaM
405- 792-7142