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Day of Discipleship at General Conference

The IPHC has given Discipleship Ministries the responsibility of inspiring all generations to actively pursue Christ. To fulfilling our vision, we will provide a Day of Discipleship on Tuesday, July 25. We will share stories to illustrate how we are all part of God’s Family and each belongs in the Big God Story. There will be resources to equip you to fulfill your role in your home and church. Also, we want to see God energize your spirit for the tasks ahead. After this Day of Discipleship, we hope to continue the conversation and support your ministry. For the first time, Discipleship is providing Children’s Ministries on Tuesday and through Friday evening for the morning and evening worship services. All IPHC children from birth to 5th grade will enjoy a time of fun connections, high-energy worship and engaging services built on the truth of God’s Word. Our children will appreciate a special time of discovery with the IPHC & ARK team from 8:45 am until 12:00 pm.

The General Women’s Ministries Board invites women of all life phases to join the conversation about God’s purpose and plan for them at 9:00 am in the Women of Kingdom Purpose: Women’s Convention.  Dr. Joaquin Molina will challenge the men at 9:00 am to pursue Christ and become kingdom minded. We would like to encourage everyone to take time from 12:00 – 1:45 pm to share a meal with friends. You may find additional information and speaker information at

After lunch, the children will rejoin the Children’s Ministry. Discipleship Ministries is excited to bring Drs. Michael and Michelle Anthony for our first ever Church Becoming Family training. Discover how every church should become God’s intergenerational family. The afternoon will be both inspirational and interactive, followed by practical application. We encourage everyone 12 years and older to join us as we become family. At 3:15 pm, the Children’s Ministry team will bring our children to the Church Becoming Family session to speak blessings over the children. Once again, we encourage everyone to enjoy the reunion atmosphere at the Adult Ministries Banquet where Drs. Michael and Michelle Anthony will inspire us to actively pursue our roles in the Big God Story. We’re looking forward to spending the day with you!

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