Resources by IPHC authors

Adams, Dale; Soul Healer: A Journey to the One who can Make You Whole (Dale Adams)
Soul Healer reads more like a road map than a book. Each chapter introduces a different aspect of the Holy Spirit as the healer of our wounded souls. When Adam sinned, mankind became horribly broken in spirit, body and soul, but Jesus said, “I came that you might have life and have it to the full!” (John 10:10) The Soul Healer opens the way for the Holy Spirit to bring hope and healing to our wounded souls.

Adams, Dana; Into the Storm (Xulon Press)
Into the Storm is a true-life story concerning God’s power to heal. It is a story of faith to trust God in the midst of the most impossible circumstances. It is a ”shot of faith” for anyone looking for encouragement to trust God, especially if they have a loved one who needs a touch from the Healer.

Adams, Debi; Into the Storm: Lessons from the Eagle (Lulu Publishing)
Storms are an inevitable part of life. We can learn a great lesson from the eagles. God designed them to use the power of the storm to them above the storm. Learn how to soar above the storms of your life.

Argo, Al; As You Start Today: 1-Minute Devotions for Busy Believers (Positive Impact Publishing)
Got a minute? This is all you need each day to read through this brief devotional in 3-months. In this encouraging devotional book, As You Start Today, international speaker, pastor and author, Al Argo, shares a brief powerful way you can start each day with a focus on what matters most, your walk with Christ.
Each day of this 3-month devotional book is filled with Scripture, encouragement, and insight to help you start the day right. Motivational, encouraging and practical, As You Start Today, is a great way to start each day!

Beacham, Doug; Azusa East: The Life and Times of G.B. Cashwell (LifeSprings Resources)
Azusa East: The Life and Times of G.B. Cashwell chronicles the life of Pentecostal pioneer G.B. Cashwell from his life-changing trip to the Los Angeles Azusa Street Experience to his return home where his work was foundational to the Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Beacham, Doug; Brief History of the Pentecostal Holiness Church (LifeSprings Resources)
This volume offers a concise history of IPHC roots, development, leadership, and God-given opportunities for the future. Beacham shares an analysis of key decisions affecting IPHC history in European missions and the Christian family. Leader’s Guide.

Beacham, Doug; Board, Russell; Christmas Before and After (LifeSprings Resources)
Christmas Before and After is a series of devotional studies for Advent and beyond. The first section, written by Russell Board, uses the Advent season as a time for mental and spiritual preparation in the days leading up to Christmas. The second section, written by Dr. Doug Beacham Jr., extends this reflection on Christ’s coming past Christmas day into the days leading up to Epiphany. The book is available as a Kindle e-book on

Beacham, Doug; Light for the Journey  Una Luz para la Jornada (LifeSprings Resources)
This book is available in ENGLISH and SPANISH and provides a contemporary way of reflecting on the great truths of the Christian faith. Using as a basis the fourteen articles of faith of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, this study can be used by any local congregation, denomination or charismatic group that affirms these biblical truths.

Beacham, Doug; Plugged Into God’s Power (LifeSprings Resources)
In this approach to understanding the Holy Spirit, Beacham allows readers to capture the essence of this important aspect of faith as they discover and explore a practical and comprehensive manual focused on who and what the Holy Spirit is all about.

Beacham, Doug; Rediscovering the Role of Apostles and Prophets (LifeSprings Resources)
Rediscovering the Role of Apostles and Prophets examines how a historic Pentecostal church has viewed apostles and prophets. Discussing apostles and prophets within the biblical context of the fivefold ministry, this book breaks new ground in the current dialogue between contemporary apostolic movements and historic Pentecostal churches.

Beacham, Doug; The Christmas Spirit (LifeSprings Resources)
The Christmas Spirit includes a variety of stories set with the context of the biblical narrative, stories specifically for children, and contemporary stories intended more for adults. The collection is filled with wit, wisdom and Christmas wonder that can be shared by the entire family this holiday season.

Board, Russell; 40 Days With Jesus: Encountering Jesus in the Gospels (LifeSprings Resources)
When you consider the idea of walking with Jesus, what comes to mind? Is the image of first-century disciples shuffling along a dusty road in the shadow of their Master? Russell board reminds us that today’s follower of Christ can have just as close a walk with him, perhaps even closer, as they encounter Christ through the pages of Scripture. The same transformative relationship Jesus’ first disciples had with is available today to anyone who would humbly come to him, receive his grace, and submit to his instruction. To assist in this task, 40 Days with Jesus includes 40 brief essays on key passages from the Gospels, as well as daily meditation and prayer focus one’s own daily conversation with Christ.

Board, Russell; Grow: Maturing Believers Through the Truths of the Christian Faith (LifeSprings Resources)
Grow provides the reader with an overview of basic Christian beliefs and practices. As a discipleship resource, it is flexible enough to be used in a variety of settings, from one-on-one discipleship to small group Bible study. May this little book help you or someone you know grow in his or her love for God.

Bordeaux, Kevin; Infuse: Activating Heaven on Earth (Parsons Publishers)
This book will help you understand how to have a living, dynamic relationship with God and then spread that relationship to the world. Jesus directed us to pray, “On earth as it is in heaven.” Our lives can be funnels whereby the world can experience heaven through us on a daily basis.

Bordeaux, Kevin; Taking the Next Step (AuthorHouse Publishers)
Taking the Next Step is a leadership book that focuses on seven unique principles designed to help pastors or church leaders learn the art of leading their local churches to the next step.

Brooks, Noel; Scriptural Holiness (LifeSprings Resources); also as an ebook (Amazon)
Perhaps no other doctrine of the Bible has been subjected to so wide a variety of interpretations as the doctrine of sanctification or holiness. Brooks has concentrated his skills of scholarship and research on the tasks of discovering and unfolding what the Word of God says and means concerning Scriptural Holiness.

Bryant, Garry; Jehovah’s Blessings (LifeSprings Resources)
Garry Bryant is an ordained minister with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Garry received his minister’s license at the age of 17 and has been in ministry for over 30 years. He achieved a Th.B. from Advantage College and a Master of Ministry degree from Southwestern College of Christian Ministries. His ministry goal is to raise up the body of Christ in effective ministry to carry out the Great Commission. Garry and his wife, LaDawn, have two children, Dreama and Garryt. They reside in Oklahoma City, OK where Garry presently serves as the Assistant Director for EVUSA and as the National Field Director for ACTS2DAY Ministries.

Canavesio, Elvio; How Did You Do It Lord? (LifeSprings Resources)
The captivating story of how God fulfilled His word to a teenage boy.

Clark, L.M.; The Never Ending War (Tate Publishing)
This is the combat memoir of Ray Clark, written by Laura Clark. This book shines a light on what combat does to the human spirit and is targeted towards PTSD awareness and intervention including the cause, effects and treatment for PTSD.

Conway, Jennifer; The Test of True Love (House of Wynster Publishing)
The Test of True Love is a Christian romance novel which follows a quest for love, freedom, and forgiveness. This book tells of a princess who falls in love with a peasant clergyman. When the queen learns of this new faith and their relationship, both are cast into the dungeons.

Delmon, Marty; Buried Lies (Self Published)
At the bottom of your heart, there is a secret chamber where you guard lies and wounds, a place where truth does not exist or any other good thing. In the course of your life, you never invite anyone to visit there. BURIED LIES exposes the lives of seven women who invite Jesus to come into their secret places in order to extract the lies and heal the wounds. He readies them to enter into this intimate, secret place with Him and to unveil their interior journey, cleansing the place and then He leads them to true and full intimacy.

Delmon, Marty; Destined for All Things to be Made New (Self Published)
You are made in God’s image. That which He does, He has built into your capacity, but you must discover the intricacies of His character which are now inherent in you. All things can be made new. Relationships, career, fortune, health, the possibilities are endless, but only God has the secret and only those who belong to Him have privy to that secret.

Delmon, Marty; Destined for Faith (Self Published)
Faith moves mountains. It’s not a bullying kind of faith, but a faith that launches itself from an intimate relationship with God Almighty. As you act by faith, believe that your faith will move mountains, and you will see it happen. Everything begins with intimacy. Destined for Faith teaches what the Bible says about faith and how to use it.

Delmon, Marty; Destined for Grace (Self Published)
The second biggest gift that Jesus brought from heaven for you, the first being your salvation, is the gift of Grace. Grace represents all that God is and all that God has and He wants that you have it all! Allow Destined for Grace to bring you beyond your earthly knowledge into heavenly intimacy and learn how to live in and utilize His Grace.

Delmon, Marty; Destined for Joy (Self Published)
Joy appears foolish in the eyes of the believer who carries a heavy burden. The overwhelming cares of this world make the joyous one who larks about appear to be immature and self-serving. But that is not the case for you if you concern yourself with your intimate walk with your Father God. Destined for Joy will guide you, biblically, in this experience: Intimate joy in the Lord.

Delmon, Marty; Destined for Healing (Self Published)
Sickness does not come from God. By the sacrifice of His own body, Jesus proved His profound love. In the tragic yet intimate manner in which He took on His body your distress, He paid for your healing, ‘by His stripes we were healed’. Destined for Healing shows how you can, in walking intimately with the Lord, receive the healing for which Jesus paid such a heavy price.

Delmon, Marty; Destined for Love (Self Published)
The intimate love of God is so profound that no one can attain the height, the depth, the length, or the breadth of it. His intimate relationship with you never fails because of His great love. Destined for Love describes how to receive this love and how to live in this love and how to give this love away in order to make room for receiving more intimacy.

Delmon, Marty; Destined for Success (Self Published)
There is someone so intimately connected to you that He has a great desire to make you a success, even more than you want to be one. It is your Creator. He will guide you toward triumphant success. Destined for Success gives the biblical steps to follow. Learn how to walk in intimacy with Him as He would like for the two of you to walk together in this life on earth.

Delmon, Marty; Destined to be Battle Ready (Self Published)
A soldier at his post. A spy in hiding. Who sent who? You’ll know, when you’re ready. Yes, there is a training. After all, you’re working for the greatest General who ever lived, who died yet lives still, who won you in a game of wills. He paid for every one of your sins and trounced the one who threatens you. So stand tall soldier. Be ready. Put on your battle gear and destroy the defeated foe. The victory is yours! Take it!

Delmon, Marty; Destined to be in Christ (Self Published)
Jesus prayed that His body of believers would be one as He and His Father are one. How can you do that without losing your identity? Your new birth immersed you into Jesus Christ, which is what one baptism means, “immersion in Him.” Destined to be In Christ helps you discover this intimacy with Jesus that changes you forever.

Delmon, Marty; Destined to be in the Spirit (Self Published)
The Christian of today has the most favored position of all mankind who has ever lived. God has come to live in the body of everyone who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord. The three–the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, are so united that never is there to be found a disagreement among them. Come with author Marty Delmon as she leads us through the Bible to confront and assimilate this most amazing state of being called “In the Spirit.”

Delmon, Marty; Uprooting Buried Lies (Self Published)
After writing BURIED LIES, this UPROOTING BURIED LIES workbook followed. Herein you will find the process that allows Jesus to extract the lies and wounds buried deep within, which if left there, will destroy your life.

Downer, Phil; Effective Men’s Ministry (Zondervan)
Developing and fine-tuning a thriving men’s ministry takes perseverance, but it will pay huge dividends in the health of your church and its families. Effective Men’s Ministry gives you the tools you need to start smart and stay strong. Here is information you can really use—right away and in years to come.

Drake, Randell; Just Sayin’ (Tate Publishing)
Just Sayin’ is a collection of stories, anecdotes and thoughts told with wisdom, humor, practical insights and transparency for any Christian or minister. Excellent for anyone, but especially for ministers and leaders.

Eby, James; World Impacting Churches (Tate Publishing)
This practical book focuses on 10 essential characteristics of churches which desire to impact the world around them and see The Great Commission finished in this generation.

Ely, Steve; The Hidden Hinges of Youth Ministry (LifeSprings Resources)
The heaviest doors rest upon much smaller and often unseen hinges to maintain their balance. Success in youth ministry can be achieved through an understanding of these same principles. The potential success of youth ministry in the local church rests upon the ability of workers to display strength in leadership – where and when it is needed most. This book seeks to open the doors of knowledge, revealing The Hidden Hinges of Youth Ministry.

Evans, Paul F.; Holiness Reconsidered (Xulon Press)
Author Paul Evans calls people to engage in daily holy living in the most practical sense. Focusing on the issues of misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and simple apathy, Holiness Reconsidered revitalizes the very idea that practical holiness must be understood as a lifestyle first.

E-book available at:

Fritch, Linda; Barefoot Before God: A Book of Sermons (CreateSpace)
This collection of sermons includes ten sermons guaranteed to keep you alert and on the edge of your seat. The title sermon, Barefoot Before God charts the life of Moses from birth, through his education in Egypt, his escape and life in the Midian desert until he encounters God in a fresh new way before the burning bush. Barefoot Before God, he learns something about himself, God and his destiny.

Fritch, Linda; False Teeth, Fixodent and a Funny Husband (Docs2eBooks)
Sometimes life smacks you in the middle but if you can learn how to laugh after you finish crying, you will make it. This is a book filled with teasing, good humor and downright belly wobbles you can actually read out loud to your friends.

Fritch, Linda; Pigtails & Penny Loafers (Docs2eBooks)
In this book, Linda recalls that sweet time of playing, working, learning and growing up within the warm nest of her loving family on an 80 acre farm in Oklahoma. “We were poor but I never knew it. We had everything we needed. My early memories were waking up to the smell of bacon and the sound of my mother in the kitchen humming a gospel tune as she made biscuits and gravy and scrambled the eggs. After breakfast, my dad and brothers went to work and I helped mother with the clean-up and then went outside to play. Not once did she ask me, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ She just let me grow up.”

Grady, Lee; 10 Lies the Church Tells Women (Charisma House)
The gospel was never intended to restrain women from pursuing God or to prevent them from fulfilling their divine destiny. In his revised and updated book, which includes testimonials, Lee Grady boldly proclaims the truth of the gospel; that men and women are appointed by God and empowered by Him.

Grady, Lee; Fearless Daughters of the Bible (Chosen Books)
Christian women are often led to believe they are God’s afterthoughts; as if they were created inferior to men or destined by God to play a secondary role in life. Not so, says bestselling author Lee Grady, father of four daughters and a leading international voice confronting the abuse of women. He counters that the Bible’s message is neither sexist nor patronizing. Through sharing the lives of 22 mold-breaking biblical women, Grady shows how God enables His daughters to do amazing, even impossible things.

Grady, Lee; The Holy Spirit is Not For Sale (Chosen Books)
Since many Spirit-empowered believers have lost their original focus and purity, Grady delves into some of the problems that plague churches and ministries: financial scandal, faulty theology, moral failure, and more. Yet the message of this fervent journalist, who loves the gifts of the Spirit, isn’t one of condemnation and finger-pointing. Instead it is a clarion call to restore the fire of supernatural anointing with biblical boldness, purity, integrity, humility, truth, justice, and compassion. Grady longs for every believer to find or recover a genuine experience with the Holy Spirit.

Grady, Lee; Set My Heart on Fire (Charisma House)
It is essential to remain in a state of spiritual intimacy and walk closely with God despite the many worldly distractions. This book will help readers to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, walk confidently in boldness, and break free from life-controlling bondage, habits, and generational tendencies. Bestselling author Lee Grady reminds readers that the key to doing so is to nourish a close relationship with the Holy Spirit. This powerful teaching covers such topics as the seven roles of the Holy Spirit, benefits of a prayer language, learning to minister in the Spirit, and staying on fire in the dry seasons.

Hannah, Jerry; Christianity and Islam: Fractured Family at War (CreateSpace Publishing)
This well-written and persuasive presentation explains Islam and its impact on the Western World. Mr Hannah allows the facts to speak for themselves. He does not attack Islam. Instead, he explains Islam and allows the reader to form their own decisions. This is a book that every Christian should read.

Helland, Matthew; Prophesy and Heal the Sick (Total Publishing and Media)
You Can Grow in Prophecy, Words of Knowledge, Healing, Power Evangelism and More! This book gives you the biblical foundation and practical steps to grow in these vital ministries. Subjects covered include: Raising up a New Generation of Prophets, The Three Prerequisites of Prophetic Ministry, How to Hear God’s Voice, How to Prophesy, Prophetic Activations, Prophetic Guidelines, Creating the Future, How to Grow in Words of Knowledge, How to Make God’s Love Tangible, How to Heal the Sick and How to Grow in Power Evangelism.

Hess, Hans; First Passage: An Introduction To Christian Beliefs (Deeper Revelation Books)
Transitioning through life as a new believer is both exciting and challenging. There are many questions that often surface in the heart of a person who chooses to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through this book, Hess answers these questions and leads you into a deeper understanding of the Bible and a deeper relationship with God.

Hilliard, Stacy; A Return to Sonship (True Potential)
Sonship is the exclusive relationship between God and His children. Biblical Sonship has to do with position, and not gender; it is a distinct place of privilege that God ordained for his entire family (male and female) on the earth. Recognizing our true relationship with God, and our awareness of our rule in the earth, leads to a  mindset shift that enables the children of God to glorify Him to the fullest, by walking in all of the privileges, power, rights and responsibilities inherent as the children of God.

Holmes, N.J.; God’s Provision for Holiness (Pentecostal Mission Publishing Company)
Holmes was the founder of what is now called Holmes Bible College in Greenville, South Carolina. In the early years of the 20th Century he was a significant theological voice that helped shaped the IPHC’s understanding of Wesleyan Holiness. This classic will give you the Biblical and theological framework that continues to shape the IPHC view of sanctification. Digitized as a pdf with permission.

Hopkins, Claudia; Divine Interruptions: Glimpses of God’s Extraordinary Glory in Ordinary Life (LifeSprings Resources)
Claudia Hopkins has put together a beautiful collection of personal testimonies from stories shared by her friends over the years.  Divine Interruptions is composed of 40 remarkable testimonies by women whose lives were interrupted and changed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of a God who understands every situation we encounter in life.  Through these stories of abuse, sadness, tragedy, failure, and frustration, the reader is made aware of God’s almighty power to change lives and circumstances for His glory.  Any reader, but especially women, will be encouraged and inspired by reading the short glimpses into the lives of other ladies who willingly share events from their lives that changed them forever.  Through His loving concern, God is indeed at work in ordinary lives on a daily basis. This is a great devotional book! To purchase, please email:

Hopkins, Claudia; From Pain To Promise  (Lifevest Publishers)
From Pain to Promise is a moving autobiography through which Claudia Hopkins shares the painful childhood experience of her parents’ divorce and subsequent years of her step-father’s abuse.  In spite of the feelings of being invisible and being ignored, she found refuge in her heavenly Father and the saving power of Jesus Christ.  This story will be of great encouragement to many who have grown up in dysfunctional homes or situations where they have felt unloved and alone.  She found Jesus and the love of God when at the age of 15 she became a student at Emmanuel Academy in Franklin Springs, Georgia, and discovered that the promises of God are true.

Hopkins, DavidDeep and Wide: The Launching of Heritage Church (LifeSprings Resources)
Deep and Wide is the story of a group of six Spirit-filled couples in Moultrie, Georgia, who decided to leave their main-line denominational church and launch a new congregation based upon biblical principles and Spirit-anointing.  David Hopkins became acquainted with this group when he and his wife, Claudia, retired and moved to Moultrie in 2007.  Included in the book is a discussion of the characteristics of a New Testament Church and reasons for the phenomenal growth of Heritage Church to a congregation of 1,300 members in a small rural community.  All pastors and church leaders will be inspired by the message of spiritual leadership and discipleship exemplified in the discussion of one church’s success based upon specific leadership principles.  In addition, included in the book are messages and personal testimonies by pastors of the church and other spiritual mentors. To purchase, please email:

Hopkins, David; Multiplying Disciples: Increasing the Kingdom of God One Person at a Time (LifeSprings Resources)
What is missing in the ministries of many churches in the 21st century is the personal, one-to-one discipleship of believers. Multiplying Disciples is David Hopkins’ narrative of his encounter with Joe Glenn Smith of Valdosta, Georgia, and the testimony of God’s transforming power in Joe’s life to empower him to become a tremendous witness and counselor to men who desperately need God’s guidance in their loves.  The first part of the book is the story of Joe’s life and the supernatural change brought about by his conversion.  The second part of the book details the unique method of discipling men used in southwest Georgia over the past eight years as a result of Joe Glenn Smith’s weekly one-to-one approach to discipleship.  Literally hundreds of men have been changed and sent forth to be disciples for Jesus Christ as the Great Commission instructs.  This book has been used as a manual to accompany the personal teachings incorporated into the counseling of men and women with regard to Christ’s admonition to “follow Me.”

Hopkins, David; Nine Habits of Truly Transformed People: The Power to Become an Effective Christian (LifeSprings Resources)
Nine Habits of Truly Transformed People is an in-depth study of each of the Fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23.  Surprisingly, very few writers have taken the time to define and discuss the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to produce the character of Christ in the life of a believer as exemplified by the Fruit of the Spirit.  David Hopkins clearly and concretely identifies the meaning of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and self-control and gives personal illustrations of the supernatural power of God to create these divine qualities in the lives of all Christians.  This popular study has been used all over the world as a teaching tool designed to bring a greater awareness to the Body of Christ that the Fruit of the Spirit is not only available for every believer but also a necessary for spiritual growth.

Hopkins, David; The Miracle Continues: A Personal History of Emmanuel College:1969-2005 (LifeSprings Resources)
David Hopkins served Emmanuel College for 36 years as faculty member, Academic Dean, and President.  The Miracle Continues is his detailed, documented record of the significant events, physical growth, and spiritual development that occurred at Emmanuel during those years.  There is no other accurate, specific accounting of the College’s progress during that critical time in the history of the school.  Any alumnus or alumna from those years will find the information and inspiration recorded in this book to be irreplaceable.

Hudson, Marilyn; Mosaic: Papers in Honor of Rev. Noel Brooks (Whorl Books)
Mosaic is a collection of scholarly papers on a variety of topics in honor of a British born Wesleyan Pentecostal pastor, church leader, scholar, educator, and author. Rev. Brooks was deeply committed to the merging of faith and intellect.

Huff, Roger; Three Trails to Ilgorn (Westbow Press)
Three Trails to Ilgorn is a Christian fantasy novel in a medieval setting with themes of unconditional love, forgiveness, and passing the faith to following generations.

King, J.H.; From Passover to Pentecost (LifeSprings Resources)
From Passover to Pentecost by Rev. J. H. King, is a classic book worthy of any library including works which contain early Pentecostal theology and authors. First printed in 1955, this historically significant PHC book is now in its fifth printing.

King, Moses; Thy Kingdom Come (LifeSprings Resources)
King writes that he has come to understand the truth in God’s Word that we are all “kings and priests” in the body of Christ. Our “kingship” relationship with Christ’s Kingdom on earth provides great opportunity for all believers to find their maximum fulfillment in Christ.

Lambert, Rodica; Healing the Broken Heart (IPI)
Breaking free from the cycles of failure, brokenness, and rejection.

Leggett, Faye; Embracing Our Place (LifeSprings Resources)
Strategies, struggles, and success of ministry wives.

Lewis, S.D.; Hope’s Adventure at Treasure Town (CreateSpace Publishing)
This book is written for kids ages 10-12. Hope is a young lady full of life that loves to hang out with her friends Joy, Austin, Robin, and Adam. In this adventure, Hope and her friends experience the fun of working together for a common goal. In this book you will find that everyday adventures speak louder than words.

Lewis, S.D.; My Soul Cries Out Hallelujah (CreateSpace Publishing)
This book shares devotions, scriptures, and life application to help you on your journey with Christ. The hope is to inspire and empower transformation in today’s culture.

Martinez, Andres; Grandes Verdades sobre el Ayuno (Anbet Ministries)
Un libro sobre todo lo que se necesita saber sobre el ayuno. como hacerlo? Que es el ayuno? Quien puede hacerlo? Ayunos positivos, ayunos negativos etc. Los propositos, beneficios medicos y otras muchas cosas mas sobre esta disciplina fisico-espiritual.

Maxwell, Chris; Beggars Can Be Chosen (Xulon Press)
Beggars Can Be Chosen probes the encounters of Christ and those He invited to follow Him. The book, while providing expository comment, is fundamentally designed as a source of practical application for our daily Christian walk. There is a dual objective in Beggars Can Be Chosen: How is Jesus inviting us to follow Him? How does Jesus invite others to Himself through us? Traveling chronologically through the life of Christ, the text takes the reader on a stirring journey.

Maxwell, Chris; Changing My Mind (LifeSprings Resources)
In Changing My Mind, Maxwell’s creative narrative welcomes others into his battle with encephalitis and epilepsy. His honest journal shows readers what life is like with a damaged brain and invites them to face their own inner wars, painful struggles and disabilities with faith. Changing My Mind gives those living with disabilities, family members of the disabled, and their friends a glimpse of true joy during journeys through dark valleys and disappointments in life.

Maxwell, Chris; Pause with Jesus (True Potential)
In this book, Maxwell approaches the biblical stories of Jesus as a written travelogue. Each verse, story, chapter, account stands alone as an example of the exquisite life of Christ as each snapshot from a vacation individually reflects a unique experience of life.  These stories will cause you to see Jesus in a fresh way.

Maxwell, Chris; Pause: The Secret to a Better Life One Word at a TIme (True Potential)
Pause with author Chris Maxwell as he explores a collection of words. Words of wonder, confession, hope, longing, and dreams. Words we often rush past, rather than taking time to ponder their meanings and true value. Immerse yourself in each story. Ponder and meditate on each reflective word. Reconnect with life and all it has to offer. Pause.

Maxwell, Chris; Pause for Moms: Finding Rest in a Too Busy World (True Potential)
This book is for Moms. The stories inside invite mothers to hit pause. To rest a moment and notice the beauty in the now. To pause and hear, notice, see, observe. To be led beside still waters. To rest for a moment – for this moment.

Maxwell, Chris; Pause for Pastors: Finding Still Waters in the Storm of Ministry (True Potential)
Pause for Pastors is filled with stories of lessons learned. Stories that just might help a pastor and his family pursue help when they’re carrying too heavy of this weight, church. Pause in your rush through life and notice yourself. Visit your own stories. The stories of hurt, of grief, of anger, of regret. The chapters of life and death and nothingness. The words of healing on those rare perfect days. For now, for this now, choose to stop. Read the nouns and verbs. Slowly. During the storm, read and receive and rest.

Maxwell, Chris; Underwater: When Encephalitis, Brain Damage, and Epilepsy Change Everything (True Potential)
Encephalitis almost ended Chris Maxwell’s life. The scar tissue in his brain and life with epilepsy made him – and his family and friends – feel like the life they’d known changed suddenly and permanently. Maxwell’s writing and the stories of others offers hope. Hope that you’re not alone, even when your experience underwater seems to change everything.

Maxwell, Chris; Unwrapping his Presence: What We Really Need for Christmas (HigherLife Publishing)
This year, why not go through the ups and downs of the holidays season with Jesus right by your side. Find faith in the buzz of overcrowded malls or as you visit a friend in the hospital. Hear Him in the rhythm of the holiday music dancing through the air-the music of people chattering, telephones ringing, children playing, sirens blaring, horns honking…the music of the life you live. Return home to the warmth and festivities, and allow the savory twists of poetry in this book to unwrap the presence of the One who gave His life for you so that you could spend eternity with Him. The One who is called-Emmanuel (God with us).

McVey, John; Cities of Refuge (Xulon Press)
Cities of Refuge explores the six ancient Israeli cities of refuge and how Christian Heritage Church of Amarillo, Texas has implemented their message of a place of refuge for the fugitive manslayer from the avenger of blood into its ministry to “the least of these”, the overlooked, the forgotten, the neglected, the homeless, children, veterans, bikers, addicts, the incarcerated, the sick, and the hurting and helped them to find deliverance.

McVey, John; Twisted Boaz (Xulon Press)
Twisted Boaz is a very personal look at one man’s experience in dealing with the intense emotional pain of repeated spousal infidelity, recovering from the devastation of divorce after a failed 27 year marriage, re-entering the world of being single once again, and reflecting on the lessons about the nature of unconditional love that he learned along the way through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians.

Mewald, Marie; What Benjamin Saw is What Benjamin Learned (Xulon Press)
This book is illustrated with short story lines that show the Biblical truths a child can learn by observing his mom and all his family members going about their daily routines honoring God’s principles. Perfect for new moms and makes a great baby shower gift.

Moon, Tony G.; From Plowboy to Pentecostal Bishop: The Life of J. H. King (Emeth Press)
Dr. Tony G. Moon’s biography of Bishop J.H. King appears at an opportune juncture in the history of Pentecostal historiography. In recent years, scholars from around the world have “discovered” Bishop King and his seminal work as an early Pentecostal leader who was theologically highly educated for his time, place, and social location. Now, with Dr. Moon’s excellent and complete biography of his life, the stature of “the Pentecostal aristocrat” as a theologian, journalist, educator, and churchman will only grow and expand as newer generations get to know the man who defined what it meant to be a Pentecostal
Bishop in the early days of the movement.

—From the Foreword by Vinson Synan,
Dean Emeritus, Regent University School of Divinity;
Interim Dean, Oral Roberts University College of Theology and Ministry

Parker, Edna & Charlene West; John Parker Missionary Statesman (LifeSprings Resources)
John Parker is a missionary, church planter, teacher, and administrator. He, along with his wife Edna, have embraced a global ministry and ministered on four continents. This book gives vital information about countries where he worked.

Parker, Edna; Just Me (Walsworth Publishing Company)
In this book, retired missionary Edna Parker shares her story as a missionary wife for over 45 years. She candidly shares the challenges and rewards of serving God in other cultures. Edna’s stories, or vignettes, will take you to the field with the Parkers. Through her eyes, you will experience the joys, triumphs, and bumps of serving God!

Pennington, James R.; Who Has Bewitched You? (Pleasant Word-A Division of WinePress Publishing)
In his book, Pennington takes a close look at the book of Galatians, which has been a foundational source of Christian doctrine, proclamation and practice. As it was in Paul’s day, so today there is another gospel circulating in the halls of Christian academia seeking to dethrone Jesus once and for all, as the only way, the only truth, the only life. The book of Galatians clearly defines the dangerous errors and trends we find even in the exercise of modern Christianity.

Pike, Frances; Created to Rule Together (Mall Publishing)
Created To Rule Together is a call for gender balanced leadership. In this book, the author has captured the essence of how God has created men and women to lead together. If you are to be victorious in days ahead over the enemy’s plan, you must see gender prejudice fall by the wayside and men and women rule together as God created them to do.

Pike, Garnet; Receiving the Promise of the Father  Recibiendo la Promesa del Padre (LifeSprings Resources)
In this book, available in both ENGLISH and SPANISH, the author carefully outlines the gift of the Holy Spirit and how each believer can come to know a closer walk with God by accepting this precious spiritual promise.

Potter, Jonathan; Spiritual Identity Fraud (Xulon Press)
This book has two major themes that intertwine throughout its pages. First, it deals with the often hidden area of sexual brokenness that men grapple with, and the redemption from this struggle found through the grace of God.

Puffer, David; Beneath the Surface (WestBow Press)
God has placed hidden pictures of the Gospel and the promised Savior in the original language of many of the events and personages of the Old Testament. This book shows the Bible as a truly supernatural document without equal.

Rex, Lonnie; My Amazing Adventures with God (Winters Publishing Group)
From polio and paralysis to walking with the Pope, the life story of Dr. Lonnie Rex is a collection of truly inspiring stories from a life of faith.

Small, P Douglas; Praying Church Handbook Volume 1 (Alive Publications)
This book is the first in the series. It is a collection of substantive reflections about the power of prayer. This initial volume focuses on foundations of prayer.

Small, P Douglas; Transforming Your Church Into a House of Prayer (Alive Publications)
This book examines the need for reformation that brings prayer to the heart of the church and its corporate life with practical steps to implement this change.

Stewart, Mike; Journey to Christmas (True Potential)
Have you ever thought of the Christmas season as a journey? It certainly was for Joseph and Mary, from Nazareth to Bethlehem; for the shepherds, from their fields to the stable; for the wise men, from their home in the east to Judea. And for God s only Son, from his place in heaven to earth as a baby lying in a manger. As you travel toward the night of nights this season, take time to consider their stories, their apprehensions, their fears, their courage, and their faith. The 25 daily Advent devotionals in Journey to Christmas will help you remember and reflect on the reason for the season. Allow God to speak into your life as you journey toward Christmas. You may discover that the journey can be as rewarding as the destination.

Synan, Vinson; An Eyewitness Remembers the Century of the Holy Spirit (LifeSprings Resources)
Premier Pentecostal historian Vinson Synan shares for the first time his engaging personal assessment of and involvement in the extraordinary events of the last 100 years that gave birth to the charismatic and Pentecostal movements. Because of his unique position and participation in most of these events, Synan offers a rare and fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the phenomenal events that took place when the Holy Spirit fell at Azusa Street; the subsequent formation of the Pentecostal denominations; the surprising birth of the charismatic renewal; the emergence of charismatic Catholicism; the Toronto Blessing; and beyond.

Synan, Vinson; The Holiness-Pentecostal Tradition: Charismatic Movements in the Twentieth Century (Eerdmans)
Called “a pioneer contribution” by Church History when it was first published in 1971 as The Holiness-Pentecostal Movement in the United States, this volume has now been revised and enlarged by Vinson Synan to account for the incredible changes that have occurred in the church world during the last quarter of the twentieth century.

Synan, Vinson; The Century of the Holy Spirit  El Siglo del Espiritu Santo (LifeSprings Resources)
A definitive history available in both ENGLISH and SPANISH of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement and an intriguing reference for persons outside the movement. The Century of the Holy Spirit details the miraculous story of Pentecostal and Charismatic growth, in the U.S. and around the world.

Thornber, James; Taking Off My Comfortable Clothes: Removing Religion to Find Relationship (HigherLife)
A life of faith isn’t lived in a neat, clean, stain-free environment; it’s lived outside the familiar, in the center of the adventurous, untamed call of God on our lives. This intimate, soul-searching account describes Jim Thornber’s remarkable journey to a living, loving God. His search finally led him to remove the comfortable, religious misconceptions of who he thought he was (and who he thought God wanted him to be) and put on the clothes of Christ to find true relationship.

Tramel, Terry; The Beauty of the Balance (LifeSprings Resources)
The Beauty of the Balance by Dr. Terry Tramel seeks to find the common ground behind two powerful contemporary religious theologies. Detailed essays on issues such as Scripture, Christ, salvation, sanctification, Spirit baptism, suffering, the second coming, the initial evidence of the baptism of the Spirit, spiritual gifts and others.

Tunstall, Frank G.; Collection of IPHC Missionary Short Stories (LifeSprings Resources)
These eighteen missionary short stories show the miracle power of God in the first 100 years of IPHC World Missions Ministries. They span the twentieth century and must be preserved for all of us, especially our children and teenagers. My prayer is for them to motivate new missionaries to answer the call, as well as give a boost to missionary support and take the annual Global Outreach Offering to a new level.

Tunstall, Frank G.; Jesus Son of God (Tate Publishing)
Is Jesus the Son of God? Jesus’ identity is certainly being challenged broadly in our culture. Tunstall has written Jesus Son of God, Book One and Book Two to help pastors, teachers, ministers of discipleship, and all other readers understand the evidence John offers.
Book One covers The Gospel of John, Chapters 1-5; Book Two covers Chapters 6:1 – 12:11. Shirley Spencer, retired editor of IPHC’s Experience Magazine, has also written Jesus Son of God Leader’s Guide is to assist pastors and teachers in presenting the evidence John recorded in a 13-week class or Bible study.

Tunstall, Frank G.; Jesus, Son of God: Book Two (Tate Publishing)
Christian universalism teaches that ultimately all people will be saved—if not in this life, then in the world to come. Religious pluralism is best identified by the catchphrase “all roads lead to God.” These systems of thought are well anchored in contemporary culture and continue to gain adherents. Both reject Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Tunstall, Frank G.; Our Awesome Lord (Creation House)
Tunstall provides a unique and thorough teaching showing why the term “awesome” describes the ministry of Jesus Christ and unveils what the Lord achieved and how He did it. This powerful portrait concentrates on Jesus’s virtues, character, and actions. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the key themes and messages that can be learned from His life and ministry. Available in English and Spanish.

Turner, W.H.; The Sanctified Way of Life (Rev. W.H. Turner)
Turner and his family served as early IPHC missionaries to China and Hong Kong. While in China, Turner published The Sanctified Way of Life which served as the foundation for his teachings on sanctification. This classic will give you the theological framework that continues to shape the IPHC view of sanctification. Digitized as a pdf with permission.

Underwood, B.E.; Spiritual Gifts: Ministries and Manifestations  Los Dones Espirituales Ministerios Y Manifestaciones (LifeSprings Resources)
This book, available in both ENGLISH and SPANISH, is a balanced look at all the gifts of the Spirit. It discusses how both ministry gifts and manifestation gifts are essential to the dynamic life and growth of the church.

E-book available at:

Underwood, B.E.; Spiritual Gifts: Ministries and Manifestations Teacher Guide

Underwood, B.E.; Spiritual Gifts: Ministries and Manifestations Workbook

Walker, Craig; Last Minute God (Upward Publishing)
Have you ever wondered why God repeatedly waited until the last minute to deliver His people? Join author Craig Walker as he examines recorded last minute miracles for every type of problem that life can bring your way. Your hope will grow exponentially as he reveals the Last Minute God.

Ware, Claudia; Clues: The Mystery at Ridge Manor (Crossbooks)
Join Cali Martin as she uncovers clues that involve family secrets. Her search to uncover the truth takes her on a journey of love, redemption, and forgiveness.

Ware, Claudia; Monopolies (For Him Press)
Set in the Big Apple, this cozy mystery is full of intrigue. Follow along as Rachel Moore attempts to discover who is threatening her in this life or death struggle.

Ware, Claudia; The Day the Alphabet Rebelled (For Him Press)
This book stresses the importance of every letter in the alphabet. Almost discovered while escaping, the letters hide in objects that start with that letter. Reading level: Pre-school to 2nd Grade.

Ware, Claudia; The Flat People and the Round People (For Him Press)
This book teaches that just like things, people come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. What do you think about that? Excellent for use in special education. Reading level: Grade 3.

Ware, Claudia; Butterscotch and Chocolate Fudge (Jan-Carol Publishing/Little Creek books)
Join in the fun as two sassy cats with very different lifestyles learn to accept their differences and use their time together to become caring friends. A universal lesson for all of us to ponder. Reading level: Grades 4 and 5.

Ware, Claudia; Will You Read With Me? (For Him Press)
An interactive book in rhyme. The imagination of a child soars as he travels on a journey of discovery to find the best place to read. A page is included for the reader to write or draw their favorite place to read.

Ware, Claudia; Running Through Sheets (For Him Press)
“Don’t run through the sheets,” mama warned. This vignette, and other stories from the life of the author are included. Many have won awards.

Welch, Kristen; Deep Roots (CreateSpace Publishing)
How do we define the sacred? Looking for answers, Dr. Kristen Welch interviewed several Pentecostal women preachers in Lake City, South Carolina in the summer of 2010. Drawing upon these interviews, Dr. Welch explores the role of the sacred through the testimonies of these women.

Welch, Kristen; Women with the Good News (CPT Press)
The first book to share interviews with women preachers of the IPHC, Dr. Welch explores rhetoric, gender, and religion in the biographies, autobiographies, and histories that detail what it means to be a Pentecostal woman preacher.

West, Charlene; Behold, the Bride!  (LifeSprings Resources)
Behold, the Bride! is a love story between Christ and the Church. On planet earth the Bride is being vetted for a royal position. She will be crowned and seated with Christ to rule and reign with Him in the heavenly world!

West, Charlene;  Don’t Miss the Rapture (LifeSprings Resources)
What would you do if you missed the Rapture? This book has two principle purposes; first, to encourage Christians to be ready for the coming of the Lord and second, to inform those who might miss the Rapture about what is going to take place afterward.