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Pentecostal Holiness Church of Canada Quadrennial Conference Report 2018

By Dr. A.D. Beacham, Jr.


It was a great joy for Susan and me to be with Bishop and Mrs. Gordon McDonald and the ministers of the PHC Canada (PHCC) June 20-22, 2018 for their Quadrennial and National Leadership Conference which was held at Willowdale Community Christian Assembly in Toronto, Ontario, led by IPHC pastor Paul Koo. The theme of the conference was Multiply 2018.

The conference began Wednesday evening with Bishop Beacham bringing the evening message. On Thursday, Rev. Josh Hannah taught the ministers and delegates about effectively reaching people in this generation, specifically in our secular western culture. Josh is the director of Revitalization and Multiplication for EVUSA. All the ministers agreed this was the best practical teaching regarding church growth they had ever received.

The business of the conference was held Friday morning. After Bishop McDonald and Bishop Beacham led in Holy Communion, elections were held and the following were elected by acclamation: Bishop Gordon McDonald, general superintendent; Rev. Tom Halpenny, secretary/treasurer; and regional directors Steven MacDonald, Rev. Rick Mootoo, and Rev. Jerry Kendrick.

The ministers remembered the life and ministry of the late Rev. Burton Walsh, who passed away a few months ago.

Following the elections there were two workshops. Tom Halpenny, also serving as PHCC Men’s Ministries director, led in a workshop for the men. Susan Beacham shared the Word and ministered to the women.

In the Friday evening service, Bishop McDonald shared his vision for the PHC Canada. Bishop Beacham installed the new board for PHCC.

This was my second time to preside over the PHC Canada General Conference. I am encouraged by the number of younger ministers coming into the conference and the willingness to go into new areas and plant churches.

Photo Credits: IPHC Communications

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