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Red de Ministerios Sonshine Quadrennial Conference Report 2018

By Bishop J. Talmadge Gardner


I was honored to serve Bishop Blas & Wanda Ramirez and the members of the Red de Ministerios Sonshine Conference as their presiding officer Saturday, August 25, 2018.
The conference was hosted at the Cristo La Roca Ministerio Internacional Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cristo La Roca Ministerio Internacional is pastored by Rev. Angel and Xiomara Diaz. He is a very humble and gracious man. The church campus was impressive.

Red de Ministerios Sonshine Conference had elected their leadership for the coming quadrennium in the fall of 2017. The conference, in session, ratified this action unanimously. Bishop Ramirez’ ‘translated’ State of the Conference Report, while visionary, was also unbiased/balanced as he candidly addressed areas that they needed to improve in if they wanted to continue to function as a conference in the IPHC.

He did a superb job of talking about the benefits of being a part of a movement (IPHC) that is much larger than their local churches are, and the conference is. He was very honoring of our faith heritage and desperately wants the Red de Ministerios Sonshine Conference to understand who and what their family make up is. They also provided attendees with a Financial Report that include a line-item review of their income and expenses through July 31, 2018.

The credentialing services were marked by a powerful sense of God’s presence and anointing.

Clergy credentials were issued as follows:
Ordination (4):
• Dr. German L. Gonzalez
• Rev. Wilda E. Perez
• Rev. Rafaelina Valdez
• Rev. Amando Zaldaña

Minister’s License (6):
• Rev. Xiomara Diaz
• Rev. Abigail Ortiz
• Rev. Lucrecia Lopez
• Rev. Walter M. Orozco
• Rev. Yuri M. Rueda
• Rev. Francis Y. Quintana

Local Church Minister’s License (5):
• Mariaris Cabral
• Haydee Jimenez
• Yarisis Leon
• Mirella Macias
• Oscar Moreno

Bishop Blas and Wanda Ramirez have sacrificed everything to serve the Lord, the IPHC, and the Red de Ministerios Sonshine Conference in the capacity that they now find themselves in. They have both distinguished themselves professionally (Blas is an attorney), but they have turned their backs on their professions to follow their calling. They are very cognizant of the challenge before them but are committed to the assignment that the Lord has entrusted to them for this season.

I left Red de Ministerios Sonshine Conference encouraged and am committed to praying Philippians 1:6 over them personally and Red de Ministerios Sonshine Conference corporately:
“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns” (NLT).

May the Lord give Bishop Blas and Wanda the desires of their hearts as they faithfully serve Him.
I was so honored to serve this part of our IPHC faith family.

Photo Credits: IPHC Communications

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