How You Can Help

Despite considerable gains to our collection, it has often times been impossible to locate originals—or even copies—of rare publications produced by the IPHC. We are missing many originals of the following IPHC periodicals:

  • Live Coals of Fire (1898-1899);
  • Live Coals (1902-1907);
  • Holiness Advocates (1900-1908);
  • Apostolic Evangels (1909-1917, et al); and
  • Bridegroom’s Messenger (1907-1909, et al).

Related periodicals that have been the object of extensive searches are

  • The Way of Faith (1903-1918, et al) and
  • The Altamont Witness (1911-1918, originals).

Additional serials of interest include:

  • Little Pentecostal People,
  • Twilight Echoes;
  • PHC Sunday School Magazine (1920s);
  • Southwestern PH News;
  • The Pentecostal Holiness Herald.

We also lack a complete run of conference minutes from all conferences.

Images that relate most to our mission must clearly identify persons, location, and date of national conferences and conventions, camp meetings and the like. Sermons by general superintendents and general officials that are handwritten, typed, transcribed, or on audio tape, video, cd, dvds, etc., are in short supply. Histories, diaries, tracts and publications by and about women ministers are particularly underrepresented as are Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans in North America. Yearbooks from schools starting with Altamont Bible & Missionary Institute, Falcon Holiness Church, King’s College, Sharon Bible College, Franklin Springs Institute, Southwestern College, Pacific Coast Bible College are sought for as historical resources.

Material received will be carefully reviewed for their archival value. Any submission not accepted into the collection will not be discarded but returned to the owner. For more information about this process, contact Ms. Erica Rutland or call (405) 787-7110 x 3132. Our inventory and online catalog may be found at

Materials that are kept by the IPHC Archives & Research Center will survive to future generations as everything in the fire-rated Archives vault is securely maintained in a controlled environment where humidity, temperature and light exposure is constantly monitored. (See photo of vault.) We are the first stop for serious researchers of IPHC materials and a wide range of needs that serve our church community.

IPHC Archives :60 from IPHC Ministries on Vimeo.