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Leadership Cast #45: Bill Terry

In this episode of the Leadership Cast, we talk with Men’s Ministry Director and Disaster Relief USA (DRUSA) National Coordinator, Bill Terry, about the recent hurricane disasters and the relief efforts taking place in the areas that have been affected. He shares the needs in each of these areas as well as the best ways to support DRUSA relief efforts. CLICK...
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Wittenberg Congress to Convene in Berlin, Germany

October 31, 1517, marks the beginning of the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to the door of the All Saints Church (Castle Church) in Wittenberg, Germany. Five hundred years later, the International Pentecostal Holiness Church will join with pastors and leaders from around the world at The Wittenberg Congress to commemorate...
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The Morning Star of the Reformation

By Dr. Frank Tunstall   Imagine your home without a Bible in the house, and what your life would be like if you could not read the Bible for yourself. Imagine going to church in a world in which the Bible is in Latin and can be read only by educated priests. Imagine that the...
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Thoughts on Pastor Appreciation

By Doug Beacham   Leading God’s sheep in a local congregation is one of the highest callings for any minister of the gospel. The practice of a pastoral shepherd is rooted in the culture of biblical days and in the paradigm of care, protection, nourishment, and purpose that craft provided. Through Scripture, men and women...
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October 2017 Encourage Magazine

The October 2017 issue of Encourage magazine is ready to read and download! Its purpose is to encourage all ministers, church members and lay leaders whether in local congregations or other expressions of denominational leadership. In this issue of Encourage, you will find articles by several well-known speakers and authors including Presiding Bishop Doug Beacham, Lee Grady, Tony G. Moon,...
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Embracing the Word and the Call

Since 1998, numerous IPHC congregations have commemorated centennial events related to their founding. One that is occurring this month is the centennial of the Gospel Tabernacle PHC in Dunn, North Carolina. This congregation is associated with the life of G.B. Cashwell and the Pentecostal revival that began in Dunn on New Year’s Eve, 1906. Many...
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Leadership Cast #44: Chris Maxwell

In this episode of the Leadership Cast, we talk with pastor and author Chris Maxwell about the books he authors as well as his experience overcoming encephalitis and dealing with epilepsy. In this discussion, Chris shares with us about his Pause series and his newest book titled Under Water: When Encephalitis, Brain Damage, and Epilepsy Change Everything. CLICK HERE TO...
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2017 Mid-Atlantic Annual Conference Report

By Bishop J. Talmadge Gardner I was honored to serve Bishop Abel & Trish Palomo and the members of the Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) as their presiding officer on Saturday, September 9, 2017.  According to Bishop Palomo, this was MAC’s sixty-eighth annual conference gathering. The conference was hosted at Kingsway Christian Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Kingsway...
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