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Five Tips for Bible Quest

Bible Quest is a unique ministry that allows students to learn scripture, build relationships and develop life-long Bible study habits. It also encourages students to work toward the common goal of learning Bible principles, being able to put these principles into action, and carrying these skills into adulthood.

Bible Quest (BQ) gives IPHC churches an opportunity to grow students in their walk with Jesus Christ by equipping them with the knowledge of the Bible.

How do you get started?

  1. Choose a coach or coaches

Find someone with a passion for helping students grow in the Word and who also knows how to make learning enjoyable. The coach must be able to set the atmosphere for learning through elements of fun, laughter, and team work.

  1. Purchase BQ materials

There are a few items you will need to purchase before you are ready to start. These include a study guide for each student and one question disk for the team. All materials can be purchased through LifeSprings Resources at

  1. Encourage students to join your team

Make sure to get the word out about your BQ ministry opportunity through church publications, word of mouth, and social media. Whether you start with two students or ten, you will be able to fill your BQ team by making your practices a time of enjoyment and embracing the excitement of competition.

  1. Have individuals participate in Power Play

If you have an individual student who wishes to compete in Bible Quest, they can still get involved through Power Play. Power Play is similar to Jeopardy and is a great option for those who have not formed a team yet. Students may compete in both Power Play and Bible Quest.

  1. Plan to attend Nationals

Make plans to compete at the National Bible Quest competition. The 2017 National BQ Competition will be held during Youth Quest in July in Orlando, Florida. National competition gives your team a goal to work toward, builds a greater sense of community, and allows your students the opportunity to build lasting friendships with teams across the IPHC. You may register at

If you have any questions regarding Bible Quest, please contact Joel Boyles at or 336-656-7836 x116.

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