Falcon Children’s Home

FCH_bookletFalcon Children’s Home is a private, not-for-profit institution fully licensed by the State of North Carolina to care for up to 90 children between the ages 0 and 21 years. Through various programs and projects, Falcon Children’s Home has worked with the IPHC for over 100 years to provide safe homes for children.
Falcon Christian Academy is located on the campus of Falcon Children’s Home and was formed to help middle and high school students “catch up” through an academically intensive program.  The school’s mission is focused on academic achievement, biblical worldview and character development.  We understand that many of our students have not been successful in single and sometimes multiple school settings.  It is our hope that we can work together (students, faculty, house parents and social services) to redeem past mistakes and facilitate a positive attitude toward school and learning. 

Since its inception this Home has remained committed to the desires of its founders. That vision was, and is, to provide a Christian home for children, who for whatever reason, are not permitted to live with their parents in a normal family setting or whose parents are deceased. We are committed to serving the needs of children without regard to creed, color, race or religion; to providing services and opportunities that will enhance the total well-being of every child – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and to the Christian values upon which the Home was established and which we believe and teach unashamedly. It is our desire and prayer that those who seek employment at Falcon Children’s Home will subscribe to the same position on morality and conduct.

maternity-436x270Included under the Falcon Children’s Home, the Royal Home is a maternity home for young mothers. Since it’s inception in 1992, the Royal Home has ministered to over 357 mothers.

The Royal Home offers care, counseling and educational opportunities for young pregnant mothers in a nurturing, protected atmosphere. TRH is committed to serving clients from any race, religion, or national origin. No one is turned away because of their lack of funds. The ultimate goal of The Royal Home program is to provide an alternative to abortion, while redirecting and enriching the lives of expectant mothers.

Through this program, mothers are provided with the opportunity to prepare for life outside of TRH. Opportunities such as in-house classes like childbirth, newborn basics, life skills training, and education and career planning are available. Whether the path of parenting or adoption is chosen by the client, the staff of The Royal Home is there to walk alongside mothers, ensuing the necessary safety, support, care, and encouragement needed for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

The Marvin & Joyce Whitfield Campus was opened in June of 2015. The campus consists of three buildings including; a maternity care home that serves up to 12 clients, a mother and baby apartment complex that is able to house up to 16 mothers and their children, and an administration/training facility.

The IPHC is a proud partner and sponsor of the Falcon Children’s Home. There are several ways that  you can join in our support of this wonderful ministry:

Baby Hope Club is an outreach sponsored by Girls’ Ministries to donate funds to The Royal Home.

Women’s Ministries also sponsors the Falcon Children’s Home Harvest Train every year. The Harvest Train is an event held on the FCH campus to raise donations to support the ministry. Women’s Ministries teams from across the nation meet at Harvest Train to give their donations to the Children’s Home. Click HERE to donate to Harvest Train, or CLICK HERE to find information about your local Conference.

You can also donate directly to the Falcon Children’s Home on their website. CLICK HERE to visit the FCH website.