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The Inauguration of President Chris Thompson: A Message from the President

A Message from the President of Holmes Bible College

Betty and I are so blessed and honored to be at Holmes Bible College/Holmes Memorial Church.  We were installed at the church on June 18th by Bishop/Pastor James D. Leggett.  We began some work at the college in July. We began in earnest at the college in August.  Arriving on site on August 13th, we hit the ground running at full speed.  Our furniture arrived August 15th. Faculty training/orientation was August 17th. The freshmen arrived on the 18th – and so it went.

We were greatly encouraged on October 5th to be officially installed as the 7th president of Holmes Bible College.  Bishop Doyle Marley, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, challenged us in the Spirit.  Representatives from the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Church of God, Assemblies of God, faculty, students, and Emmanuel College were present and issued personal challenges and encouraging words.  The church was full of friends, church members, students, faculty, and well-wishers. We were so blessed to have Faye Leggett present.  Bishop Leggett could not attend.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the Ellenberg Student Center was officially dedicated. The center opened on October 3rd. It is a beautiful building.  It includes a commercial kitchen, dining hall, private dining room, student center, music room, and storage.  The building is debt free.  Praise Him!  The cost of the building was over 1 million dollars.  Again, may I express my deepest appreciation to the Ellenberg family.

October 5th was one special day!  The women leaders of the IPHC were present.  The national director, Samantha Snipes, led the ladies in bringing near $40,000 to the college.  It was the annual Vision4Education emphasis (formerly Feast of Ingathering).  All of us at Holmes are deeply appreciative of these ladies and their support.

I offer a very personal word of appreciation to my “brothers” – the Executive Committee of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.  All four members of the Executive Committee were present – Presiding Bishop A.D. Beacham, Jr., Bishop Tommy McGhee, Bishop Tal Gardner, and Bishop Garry Bryant. I am honored that these men of God were present on the 5th. In addition, several members of the Council of Bishops were present.  Holmes is an independent college, but both the college and church are affiliated with the IPHC.

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  1. T. Elwood Long

    Greetings, Chris and Betty!!! Jean and I were delightfully happy to have a few moments to greet you friends at Falcon Children’s Home Harvest Train, 2017! You and I have a mountain of memories of our days together at Falcon. I praise the Lord for providing you two with a momentous opportunity to continue to lovingly shape your lives in His precious will. You two servants have been faithful to the Lord and to His Global ministry throughout many years of dedicated service in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! We hope top share some time and blessings with you all ‘ere long! Elwood & Jean Long

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