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YQ18 Gold Sponsor: Hope 4 Sudan

Hope4Sudan’s mission is to bring hope to South Sudan by demonstrating God’s love through meeting the needs of its people. It establishes compounds with deep water wells, schools, medical clinics, and churches. Hope4Sudan also partners with People to People Ministries to provide feeding & child sponsorship programs.

A new ministry called Compass reaches out to the Sudanese students who have moved to Eldoret, Kenya, to get a high school or college education in a safer environment. A new church has been planted there for international students. Hope4Sudan also has two new church plants in villages near Kapoeta, South Sudan. One of those, started by a former graduate of the school, already has 100 in attendance. Plans are underway as well for a church plant in Juba, South Sudan.

Missionaries Greg and Layota McClerkin oversee the day to day operations of the compound in Kapoeta, South Sudan. US teams use their skills to conduct medical clinics, help with building projects, work with the children, and show God’s love to the people.

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