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Youth Quest Recap: Friday

Written By: Cody Phillips

Throughout the day, YouthQuest seemed to have an on-going and unspoken theme of “Community”. Kaleigh Bishop, SMAT Member, opened our first morning session by welcoming students to YouthQuest 2018. Bishop invited students into an exercise to develop community. She challenged each student to find another student they didn’t know, or didn’t know well, and to share a prayer request with each other and to lift each other up in prayer. YouthQuest recognized Hope 4 Sudan for all the work they’ve done in Sudan and their support of YouthQuest 2018!

The Well, led by SMAT Member Josh Lafferty, guided the YouthQuest congregation into a powerful time of worship. Michelle Hilliard (North Carolina Conference WIN Coordinator) transitioned the time of worship into a time of reflection. She challenged YouthQuest to reflect on God’s kindness that leads to repentance.

Trip Lee delivered a dynamic message on the reason why Jesus was put on the earth. He encouraged us to live a life of authenticity in community. Lee stated, “Jesus didn’t come to pick people who have it all together but He came to save people who don’t have it all together”. Lee also reminded us that Jesus doesn’t save in moderation but saves in the extreme. Click here, if you want to hear Trip Lee’s sermon from YouthQuest.

In the afternoon, students participated in Rap, Creative Movement, and 3-Dimensional art.

With no service Friday night, groups took advantage gathered together for Tour The Town. They were given a free night, by popular demand, so that they can spend time as a community.

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