Getting Started



  • Select sponsors and helpers with the pastor’s approval.
  • As soon as sponsors have been selected, each one will need a copy of the Girls’ Ministries Leader Training Guide. The GM LTG is required for all leaders. It should be studied individually before attending the required conference-sponsored Leadership Training Course (LTC).
  • This course must be completed in a conference-sponsored group training session. Contact your conference Girls’ Ministries director for training information.
  • Complete the open-book test and mail it according to the instructions printed on the answer form found inside the LTG.
  • Click here to learn more details about the certification process for each local coordinator and club sponsor.


Prior to your first club meeting, apply for the official charter through your conference Girls’ Ministries department. As of January 1, 2012, the charter fee is an annual flat rate of $75 per church. (This fee is now split 50/50 between your conference GM and general GM treasuries.)

  • Click here to download the document outlining the guidelines, benefits, and responsibilities of chartering.
  • Click here to download the new charter application. A copy of this should be included with your January report form.
  • You will receive charter certificates and individual membership cards from your conference GM director.
  • Frame and display the certificate in your church.
  • Continue to renew your charter each January.


Select the place for club meetings. The best meeting place for each girls’ club is a room at the church.

  • Decide on the time and frequency of meetings that fits your situation. Many clubs meet on family night at the church. Others meet at another designated time. Friends and Girls Only clubs (now under TGM) should not conflict with youth group meetings.


Establish a treasury (in accordance with the policy of your church) as soon as the club is organized. Funds may be raised in various ways, including regular offerings from the girls or a subsidy from the church and/or Women’s Ministries group. Some clubs charge membership dues. Girls should never be  excluded, however, if they cannot pay.

  • A benefit that is new for 2012 is that churches with an active charter are allowed to receive a Girls’ Ministries Day Offering (in September) that is now split 50/50 between the local church and the conference. (This entire offering previously went to the general office; this offering can more than cover your annual chartering fee.)
  • Each club should send a tenth of all the money it receives to its conference Women’s Ministries/Girls’ Ministries office. The tithe should be sent with the monthly church report. (The 2009 General Conference mandated that one church report form cover all ministries of the church. Girls’ Ministries is now part of that. There is one financial report and one statistical report. These forms can be downloaded by clicking on the link in the first column entitled “Church & Conference Report Forms.” Direct all questions regarding this new reporting system to your conference GM director. She will know how your conference is now handling this system.
  • The General & Conference Project monthly assessments are no longer required. These have been replaced by the flat rate charter fee beginning January 2012. This annual fee of $75 is renewed each January through your conference Girls’ Ministries office. (See Apply for a Charter” above)


  • All girls clubs curriculum should be purchased from LifeSpringsResources. Call 1-800-541-1376 for a free catalog or to place an order.
  • Every sponsor will need a Sponsor Guide.
  • Every girl will need an Activity Book or Journal.
  • Evaluate your club’s needs and order uniforms, posters, and other club-specific resources.


  • Announce club meetings in church, Sunday school, children’s church and youth group.
  • Put announcements on bulletin boards, newspapers and church bulletin boards.
  • Send postcards to prospective members.
  • Personally invite girls to your Mpact and TGM clubs.
  • Click here to download parent preview pages that can be used for kick-off promotion, church packet, new members, etc.

For further information, consult the Girls’ Ministries Leader Training Guide, available from LifeSprings Resources.