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Fierce Hearted- Book Review

Book authored by Holley Gerth Article written by Kaleigh Bishop   A Fiercehearted Woman . . . Looks life in the face and says, “You can’t beat me.” Knows love is a risk but reaches out anyway. Understands kindness takes real courage. Believes the impossible. Fights like she’s unstoppable. Dares to find beauty in a...
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Oh, the Holidays!

Written by Gretchen Schwartz Thanksgiving, family gatherings, decorations, holiday smells, a chill in the air, shopping for family and loved ones, Christmas parties, drives to look at Christmas lights, baking, and New Year’s lunches. The joy that fills the months of November and December is exhilarating. It has always been my favorite time of year....
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Harvest Train 2018: “The Greatest Show of All”

(Watch the Harvest Train Live Stream!) Dear Friends and Supporters of Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services: The children and staff of Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services would like to invite you to join us for our Harvest Train celebration on Tuesday, November 20th. Please come, be our guest, and help us celebrate a tradition that has...
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What’s Spiritual about Parenting?

Written by Michelle Anthony Parenting is a commitment of epic proportions!  As parents, we spend our days accomplishing a vast list of important…and not so important things.  They are time consuming and taxing! Consider the sheer volume of resources available to help parents in their duties.  There are books that deal with ADD, bedtime, discipline,...
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The Marathon of Life and Ministry

Written by Irvina Parker The main definition of the word ‘marathon’ is a long-distance race, which measures 26 miles and 385 years. The word ‘marathon’, for me, has always been tied to something more closely related to the binge watching of movies (although I really don’t do much of that either), or crafting (the more...
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On Waiting Well

Written by Rebecca Shirey As for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me. Micah 7:7 A few years ago, my husband, Lou, dreamed about waiting. We were in a prolonged season of delay, wondering when it would end. Each day we sought direction...
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It’s In the Sound

Written by Debbie Burpo It’s Oklahoma…where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. Recently, while finalizing notes for an upcoming conference, sounds of the wind were louder than normal. I could hear things bouncing around in my yard and suddenly something crashed into the side of my house. I quickly got up to go see...
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The Power of His Words

Written by Deborah Adams God, your words amaze me! When I read the Bible, the meaning of your words can pierce my soul with light and love. It has the power to open my eyes to the wellspring of my own soul where rivers of living waters pour forth and are evident in the tears...
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V4E at Holmes Bible College

On Thursday, October 4, 2018, the Vision4Education event at Holmes Bible College in Greenville, South Carolina, began with the dedication of “Leggett Way,” which is the road leading into and through the campus, in honor of the late Bishop James D. Leggett and his wife, Faye. Following his years of service as the General Superintendent...
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