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IPHC Rides For LIFE!

IPHC’s commitment to stand for life continues in 2018!


Disappointments, setbacks and hurdles will not deter us! As Pastor Marty Alvarado said, “we are here, we are making a stand and a statement!”


First of all, we missed our Bishop Doug Beacham who initiated the IPHC’s commitment to the March for Life in Washington DC several years ago. However, Bishop Garry Bryant of EVUSA Ministries represented the Executive Council of Bishops extremely well.


The ride from Falcon, NC to Washington DC on motorcycles was canceled due to weather, however, Falcon Christian Academy saved the day by providing a bus for the ride. Two bikers from Conway, SC slid off the ice covered I-95 just four miles short of Falcon on Wednesday night.

A film company, UpNorth Film, from Oslo, Norway contacted M25 and agreed to film our stand for life as a trailer for their coverage of “Ride For Solidarity” (R4S)! That will be a ride across the USA in October 2018 from Los Angeles, CA to New York City, NY. In the past, R4S rode across Europe and Israel as Jewish and Christian riders stood with Israel. This year’s ride, hosted by Mission: M25, will have Jewish and Christian riders again. Seeing how the film is to include motorcycles, arrangements were made to rent six motorcycles in Washington DC. Producer, Sabrina Buckwalter and cameraman, Andrew Benz, came to capture the ride. The camera rolled throughout the service, interviews were done after service and the next morning, and even in 24 degree weather, the ride was filmed. Interviews discussing issues relating to life, and Jews and Christians standing together were filmed with the Capital Building in the background.


The IPHC family stepped up to assist the riders (even though many could not make it and the rest were in a bus).

  • The Redemption Ministries Conference welcomed us with hot dogs and beef stew.
  • Pastor Shawn Simon greeted us upon arriving at Kingsway Christian Center in Rosedale, MD.
  • Bishop Abel Palomo of the Mid-Atlantic Conference provided a fantastic hot meal when we arrived. Of course, Bishop Palomo is always a source of encouragement with his smile, positive spirit and yellow toboggans.


Our Life Rally at Kingsway Christian Center included an update by FCH Director, Joey Leggett, EVUSA Director, Bishop Garry Bryant, Mission: M25 Director, Gary Burd, and an opening prayer by Pastor Shawn Simon. Also, a powerful word from the Director of Royal Home Ministries, Marysol Martinez and closing prayer by Carolyn Burd, were shared!


The next morning, IPHC rallied together for a 15-minute walk in the March for Life. Bishop Garry Bryant shared an inspiring word and we were led into worship by the Bishop Abel Palomo family. Even though we had many setbacks due to weather, we still had a good number of people stand for LIFE. Northwood Temple Academy of Fayetteville, NC sent 37 students led by Headmaster, Renee McLamb and Elementary Principal, Casey Strickland. It was encouraging to have three young ladies living at Royal Home Ministries and their House Parent, Crystal Jones, join us. May the Lord bless these young people presenting a fresh model for other young people to follow.


After the March for Life in Washington DC, Joey Leggett and his son Cameron, Danny and Glenda Stewart (Mission M25 National Board members) and Gary and Carolyn Burd boarded an airplane headed to March for Life in Dallas, TX. Mr. Leggett and Cameron met a team of 35 people from the Heartland Conference, most of which were from God Of No Limits Church pastored by Heartland Conference M25 Pointman, Marty Alvarado.


Better weather made the ride of eight motorcycles enjoyable from Heartland Conference to Dallas. Pastor Barry Boatwright of Christian Life Center in Gunbarrel City, TX joined us, as well. Dallas is the home of the Roe v. Wade decision that has robbed us of 60 million innocent lives. Joey Leggett sees the value and has increased his commitment to this stand. David Parker of the IPHC Extension Loan Fund and Irvina Parker of the IPHC Girl’s Ministries, rode in the van and marched with us. Brother Parker’s purchase of meals for everyone on the return trip showed his and Irvina’s commitment to the IPHC’s Stand for Life.


One of the IPHC’s core values is “we prayerfully values justice.” Mission: M25 will do all we can to activate the IPHC to make a stronger stand against the injustice of abortion. Let me close with a text Superintendent of Falcon Christian Academy, Mike Stewart, shared before we left; Isaiah 1:17 “Learn to do good. Work for justice. Help the down–and–out. Stand up for the homeless. Go to bat for the defenseless,” MSG. Please read for yourself the context of this passage. Our involvement, or lack thereof, brings with it blessings or consequences concerning our worship. May God bless the IPHC’s effort!




written by: Gary Burd

photos courtesy of: Mission: M25

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