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Earlier this month, EVUSA hosted what was dubbed the “EVUSA Leadership Gathering,” in Oklahoma City. Conference Bishops, Evangelism Directors and other IPHC leaders from all over the nation were invited to participate. It was the first major opportunity of the year to let the American church hear from EVUSA and for vision for the next few years to be cast! One part of what was shared actually turned out be a bit of a secret.

You want to know what it is?

Oooo, I was hoping so!

Read carefully and don’t miss it:

We value the harvest!

Quick! Grab your IPHC Manual, if you have one, and turn to page 11, or you can click here to see that this year’s core value emphasis for the IPHC is, “We Prayerfully Value All Generations.”

Now, you may be thinking, “whoa there, Skippy, what happened to the harvest?”

Glad you asked!

In EVUSA (and as believers) it’s our responsibility to value the harvest, to value souls, to value life, to value Jesus’ commission to us (Matt. 28:19). How? Well, a surefire way is to Value All Generations. You can’t separate the harvest from people, you can’t separate a person’s soul from eternity, you can’t separate life from the One who has given it to us, and you can’t separate your great-great-grandma or my cousin who’s in the 3rd grade, from the Truth of God.

Check out these verses:

Genesis 2:4

Genesis 17:7

Psalm 100:5

Psalm 33:11

John 3

Read and comprehend.

You can’t separate the God of Adam, from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You can’t separate the God that David praised from the God that sent His Son to die for me, for you, and for us! He created the very first generation all those years ago and He has created, uniquely and in His image, every generation since. In fact, He saw it fit to give us the responsibility of spreading His Word, to speak the Good News, to be His witnesses to everyone we know; from generation to generation. It started back then and continues, now!

Do you see what’s been going on, here?

God Values All Generations, even since the beginning. He loves All Generations!


Because He loves people, His people, His Harvest!


Hey, the secret’s out! We will Value All Generations as we continue to value the Harvest. There’s no other option! Bishop Garry Bryant said in an interview, “the focus…for us, will be without contradiction or hesitation, the harvest!”

Don’t keep it to yourself!








written by: Garryt Bryant

photo: Steffan Light








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