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IPHC Offers Group Property and Liability Coverage

In a world that is becoming more litigious, churches should regularly assess their risk and liability. Are you managing God’s resources effectively? If your church sustains a loss from a natural disaster, would you be able to rebuild? Do you have adequate insurance to cover a liability claim?

Insurance premiums can be costly and researching the best solution can be time-consuming. By uniting the resources of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC), we have the opportunity to save money while receiving uniform property and liability coverage.

Upon the advice of legal counsel, the IPHC Council of Bishops is partnering with an established insurance broker for faith-based organizations to provide conferences and churches the option to leverage purchasing power with a group insurance plan.

According to General Superintendent Doug Beacham, “This is a unique opportunity for the IPHC in the United States to work together for everyone’s benefit. Besides the usual property issues, congregations in the United States should be prepared for a growing number of liability issues. This effort does not obligate any congregation; it only provides the information necessary to determine an accurate quote that covers the nation.”

The proposed group plan provides participating conferences and churches with the following coverage:

  1. Property Coverage Package: All owned, leased, and operated on a replacement cost basis. Includes all activities.
  2. General Liability: Limits that are deemed adequate for the entire ministry (not just minimum state required limits) with a minimum of $1,000,000.
  3. Auto: Liability and physical damage coverage for all autos owned or leased, or used by the ministry. Church buses and vans require the ministry to provide higher limits.
  4. Workers’ Compensation Coverage: Adequate coverage for full-time and part-time employees as required by the laws of each individual state.
  5. Pastors, Directors and Officers Liability: Coverage as relates to the decisions and actions taken by these individuals.
  6. Employment Practices Liability: Coverage for all elements of these areas, to include sexual misconduct.
  7. Umbrella Policy (Excess liability): Coverage that fits down over the basic liability in all areas to provide needed additional liability.

Several IPHC conferences and churches have expressed interest in participating in this plan; however, to reach the optimum discount we need additional participants. If your conference or church would like to receive a free risk-assessment or insurance evaluation, please email the IPHC broker, Stewart Meyers.



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