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Celebrating Your Pastor’s Wife

I’ve always loved the month of March. Even as a child I wrote a poem about it:

“March brings spring and birds do sing

Sun shines, rain falls, little trees grow very tall

Red birds, blue birds, robins too

Will bring springtime here for you.”

Now added to the joy of spring this month is the opportunity to celebrate some of the most dedicated, fearless women I know – Pastors’ Wives!

Someone wrote me earlier this year asking for ways to celebrate their pastor’s wife. Let me share some suggestions with you.

1 – Pray – Remember to pray specifically for your pastor’s wife. I suggest you include some of the following in prayer.

  • Wisdom – All of us know what it is to need wisdom, but I think that is especially true of the pastor’s wife. She is juggling demands of the family, church and often a secular job. Ask God to give her wisdom in handling these demands with grace and proper priorities.
  • Strength – Given the demands listed above, it is little wonder that so many pastors’ wives indicate that they suffer from burn-out. Ask God to give them supernatural strength to meet all of their responsibilities.
  • Rest – Needless to say, the typical Sunday Sabbath isn’t happening for the pastor’s wife. I remember thinking after some Sundays that I needed to get back to work to rest! Pray that God will remind her that a Sabbath is absolutely necessary and to help her dedicate that time for the renewing of her body and spirit.
  • Delight – Ask God to bless her with something that will be a delight for her. He delights in providing for His children. Pray God’s special blessing on her during this month.
  • Ask your pastor’s wife if there something specific you can pray for her. Knowing that someone is partnering with her in prayer is one of the most special gifts that you can give.

2 – Encourage – This can be as simple as thanking her for her service to the church or a reminder of a way that she has impacted your life. Never forget that she experiences what we all do – wondering if she’s done anything useful for the Kingdom. Carissa Lamb, wife of LifePoint Ministries Bishop Tim Lamb, has a wonderful ministry of writing notes of encouragement. She usually designs the card on the computer and writes a special thank you or encouraging word. They always come at just the right time! Send your pastor’s wife a special note this month.  It will lift her spirit in ways you can’t imagine.

3 – Consider a special gift. This could be anything from her favorite coffee to a collectible! Last year, Frances Pike, a special friend, and intercessor, gave me a gift that continues to impact my life. At a prayer meeting and she gave me a beautiful blue and white box. She then had everyone present write a scripture for me and place it in the box. During the year I have repeatedly gone to the box and read one of those scriptures. Needless to say, it is always an encouragement. It is not only a reminder of how much those women blessed me, but it also reminds me how much God loves me.

Most of all, celebrate that God has given you a gift in your pastor’s wife and love her with all your heart.


By Susan Beacham

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