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IPHC Delegates Pray for Global Awakening

John Dawson’s 1991 prophecy to the IPHC provided a framework for intercession

By J. Lee Grady

Madeline Nix

On the last day of the IPHC’s 28th General Conference held in Orlando, Florida, delegates spent the morning praying for a global spiritual revival.

“We ask the Holy Spirit to set us ablaze with a new anointing,” Canadian pastor Jerry Kendrick prayed from the platform. “We are people who follow the cloud, and we are secure in believing that we will experience the manifestation of Your presence.”

Kendrick was one of ten IPHC leaders from various parts of the world who led the audience in prayer for spiritual revival. They used a prophecy given by YWAM leader John Dawson 26 years ago as a framework for the powerful prayer session. Dawson gave the prophecy to the IPHC during a meeting in Franklin Springs, Georgia, in 1991.

Delegates from India, Pakistan, Tanzania, South Africa, the Netherlands, Guatemala, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia and the Palestinian territories of Israel prayed fervently over each point of the prophetic word. Dawson’s prophecy was directed specifically to the IPHC and outlined God’s divine mandate for the denomination. The points that were prayed for included:

  • That the IPHC would be characterized by supernatural joy
  • That our church would be defined not by religious condemnation but by love for the rejected
  • That the IPHC would raise up leaders who have a global vision and that we would become a multi-ethnic “circle of nations”
  • That we would become a “house of prayer for all nations”
  • That we would stay humble as a movement
  • That the IPHC would be marked by “radical generosity,” and that we would do “bigger things than your resources allow you to do”
  • That our movement would have a ministry of encouragement to the nations.

Matt Helland

During the prayer time, Pastor Beatriz Romero de Benitez of Mexico prayed in Spanish. And in a moving moment, Pastor Khader Khouri of Bethlehem, Israel, prayed for the peace of Jerusalem in Arabic.

Matt Helland of the Netherlands prayed for the IPHC to make a global impact: “Lord, put Your burning coal on our lips. We will take Your fire to the north, south, east and west!”

Toward the conclusion of the prayer session, Pastor Chris Friend, IPHC national leader in Australia, gave a prophetic word to the church. He declared: “The days of powerlessness are behind us. The days of barrenness are behind us. The days of wilderness are behind us.”

Photo Credits: Kelly King

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