Getting Started

Initiating a WM in Your Local Church

How do you share the excitement of Women’s Ministries and get others involved? Here are a few steps for casting vision and generating enthusiasm as you embark on this exciting journey taking one step at a time.

LG-Step 1

Ask key people to pray with you. These people should believe in what you are doing and also have a heart for a ministry to women.

LG-Step 2

Schedule a meeting with your pastor to gain his/her support for the vision of Women’s Ministries. Why?

  • Your pastor is ultimately responsible for all the activities involving the local church and should be included in any decisions affecting its women.
  • Your pastor will be able to share how WM fits into the overall ministry vision of the church. It is vital that WM leaders understand the vision of the house and ensure that Women’s Ministries is submitted to it and supporting it.
  • The pastor’s influence and support will speak to other church leaders.
  • Your pastor is an important partner as you lead WM.
  • A good relationship with the pastor is key to the success of Women’s Ministries.

LG-Step 3

How to choose?

  • We recommend that, for newly forming or revitalizing WM, the pastor appoint the WM Director.
  • Together, pastor and director will choose a leadership team of at least three women to function during the start-up period. Make sure the women chosen correctly represent the demographics of your congregation.
  • After a year of experience, choose leaders according to the guidelines on page 77 in the Women’s Ministries Destination Guide.  You can order your copy by clicking here.
  • Individually or as a team, study the Women’s Ministries Destination Guide.
  • Each team member should complete the Concept Review at the end of the Guide and follow instructions found on that page.

LG-Step 4

  • Cast the vision by inviting all women of the church to a fun night out.
  • Find a time that is best for everyone.
  • Promote and publicize through newsletters, bulletins, email, social media, and phone contacts.
  • Secure Facilities and Child Care – for women with preschoolers, child care is essential.
  • Create an atmosphere that encourages women to attend and return.
  • Help positive relationships to be formed.
  • Be a team player on the Discipleship Ministries team.

As new leaders it is important to keep the total picture in mind. Many ministries serve a local church. How WM relates to them will have far-reaching impact. Be supportive of all ministries and maintain an attitude of cooperation.
Remember to coordinate WM activities and events with other departments to avoid overlapping.

LG-Step 5

  • Make it a priority to know and understand the goals and C4 Mission of WM.
  • Seek to understand the women you want to reach.

Use the C4 Assessment Tool.
Evaluate which needs are being met and which require more attention. Set goals.
Reviewing the results of the C4 Assessment Tool will help your leadership team determine goals for your WM.
Ask: How can the C4 Mission meet the needs expressed through the C4 Assessment Tool?
Make goals relevant, exciting, and challenging.

LG-Step 6

Plan C Groups and Celebration Events

  • Be flexible. The goal is to meet the needs of your women. Adaptability increases your potential.
  • Be selective. Don’t overly commit the women in activities that require time away from families or jobs.
  • Be inclusive. The more C Groups you offer, the more women you will connect with. Use the C4 Assessment Tool as you decide which C Groups to offer first. Then, as new ideas present themselves, branch out and form more C Groups.
  • Be purposeful-C Groups and Celebration events should:

Be full of purpose
Be handled with excellence and authenticity
Send women out with a sense of fulfillment

  • Be connected:

Establish seasonal Celebration events where all the C Groups come together as a community to celebrate what God is doing in and through the women of your local church.
Publicize and support Conference WM Celebration events. There is power and anointing when we are connected and unified.

LG-Step 7

Be intentional about financial accountability and record-keeping.

Faithful stewardship is a God-idea.

  • Handle all funds (offerings/ticket-sales/support/fund-raising)with integrity.
  • Put money where it is supposed to go.
  • Send the appropriate tithes on to your Conference WM via ERS or using the Church & Conference downloadable report form from the IPHC website.
  • Support your local and conference WM with a WM Day offering. (half is sent to the conference WM and half stays in the local church)
  • Charter your local WM through your conference with annual charter fee.
  • Make your C Groups and Celebration events aware of the special ministries IPHC WM supports. Different opportunities will appeal to different groups. (See Chapter 7)
  • Records provide memories and inspiration.
  • Determine who possesses organization and record management skills and release them into their gifting.

LG-Step 8

Connect with conference and general WM leadership.

  • Provide conference leadership with all your contact information and get the same from them.
  • Add conference leadership to your WM mailing list.
  • Attend leadership training and Celebration events provided by your conference WM.
  • Participate on the IPHC WM Facebook page.

Participate in discussions. Share opinions and suggestions. Ask questions.
Use it to cultivate relationships with other WM Directors around the globe.
Learn from and support each other.
Prayers and creativity multiply exponentially.