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Passion Connection Conference 2017 Report

By Tommy McGhee

For the second year in a row, I was blessed to serve as the presiding officer for the Passion Connection Conference on June 2-3, 2017.  Bishop Gordon Atwell began the Friday morning service with prayer and announcements. He shared the “State of the Conference” report, in which he stated that the conference is made up of 18 Churches, 68 Ordained Ministers, 2 Licensed, and 9 Local Church Ministers. Bishop Atwell then shared a financial report for 2016, and followed by sharing his heart and hopes for the future of the Passion Connection Conference. His emphasis was on church planting, and he shared the burden that ministers who are not serving as pastors would consider planting a church.

During the Friday evening service, Rev. Josh Atwell and the worship team lead in a time of praise to the Lord. I shared a message in this service and at the conclusion, Bishop Atwell and I prayed over two new Local Church Ministers.  Bishop Atwell welcomed them and presented them with their certificates.

Saturday morning was a time of prayer and intercession as we prayed for the needs of the conference. The annual conference concluded as everyone joined together to enjoy a delicious and traditional Louisiana crawfish boil!

Let us continue to join in prayer for the Passion Connection Conference it’s leaders and pastors for an awakening and time of harvest!

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