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State of the Ministry- Boy’s Ministries

The verse that best describes the state of Boy Ministries is Isaiah 54:2, “”Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords and strengthen your pegs.”  NASB. God is at work expanding the outreach of Boys Ministries in the IPHC, both internationally and here in the United States.

It has long been the prayer and desire of Boys Ministries to be able to make a difference in the hearts and lives of boys around the world, and God is opening doors for IPHC Boys Ministries internationally. Here is a copy of an email received from Zambia, Africa.

Greetings from Zambia the real Africa, am grateful once again to have gotten in touch with you.

Thank you for the help you rendered to us when we enquired for procedure to start Royal Rangers in our nation.

We have started it and so far RRI African staff have given us three trainings in Basics, Fundamentals and NRMC then we have been invited to Africamp next year August in Malawi. I was chosen to be the interim commander for Zambia. Note: (This is really a big deal – Sydney was chosen to represent Royal Rangers in Zambia for both the IPHC and the Assemblies of God).

PHC in Zambia has 934 established congregations and over 120 preaching points hence we could have over 1000 outposts.

Thank you.
Sydney Ikakena

God is also doing a great work in the lives of the men and boys in the United States.  Men are realizing the importance of mentoring the next generation of fathers, leaders, and boys. These men are then responding to the voice of God to help them grow into mighty men of God!  In Webster, TX, God is using the boys there to minster to the community by working a water station at the Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Families’ Fun Run held annually. This year they are receiving an award for the work they have done the past several years.  God is making an impact on these boys lives and the lives of the people they serve.


Boys Ministries is expanding the resources that are available to local churches to impact the next generation of Christlike men.  In addition to the Royal Rangers curriculum available through LifeSprings Resources , we recommend the following: Tony Rorie – Men and Ladies of Honor Tim Wright – Helping Christian Boys to Thrive T J Greaney – Kids Outdoor Zone Evan Hanson


David Moore has served as the National Commander of the Royal Rangers for the International Pentecostal Holiness Church since October 1998. Before coming to the national office in 1993, he worked in the Global Ministries Center accounting office. Commander Moore has been actively involved in a local outpost since 1985. He currently serves as the Senior Commander for his local church and works on a weekly basis with the Ranger Kids outpost.

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