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Remember & Celebrate

Written by Dr. Michelle Anthony


Have you ever thought about how many traditions involve a meal or even a feast? There’s something about sitting around a table sharing food that has been prepared by the people you know and love, as well as sharing conversation without the distractions of, oddly what often keeps us from that table in the first place.

In my family, our traditional meals have an almost “set” list of known dishes.
“Of course we have a honey glazed ham at Easter…” my husband states.
The end of the school year meant a pizza party.
Birthday breakfasts were chocolate chip pancakes with large glasses of milk.
“We must have Grandma’s cream cheese blueberry gelatin at Thanksgiving”, my daughter insists.
“Don’t forget to make Auntie’s sweet potato casserole for Christmas”, my son reminds.

In some ways, families are known by the traditional meals that they create. This month, why not begin a new traditional meal—one that is focused not only on knowing each other and the recipes, but one that is also focused on knowing God?

Set aside one meal per month as a “Remember and Celebrate” dinner. At this dinner, let each person choose one of the dishes being served. Don’t worry if the meal doesn’t go together as it “should”, but rather focus on what dish feels celebratory to each person present.

As you begin your “Remember and Celebrate” meal, first let everyone share why they picked the dish they picked. Next, have each person share one high point and one low point (sometimes referred to as “peak” and “pit”) in their day, week, or month. As each person shares, ask the question, “What do you know about God from that experience”?

For example, if my daughter said her “peak” was getting a new job, and we asked her what she knows about God from that, she might answer that, “God is Provider”. When my son had to say goodbye to a special friend, he might answer that, “God is Comforter”. For younger kids, they may need help seeing the connection, so you may need to offer suggestions.

At the conclusion of your Remember and Celebrate dinner, make sure to pray and worship God for all the ways He has revealed Himself and His Kingdom to you and your family members!

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