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The Power of His Words

Written by Deborah Adams

God, your words amaze me! When I read the Bible, the meaning of your words can pierce my soul with light and love. It has the power to open my eyes to the wellspring of my own soul where rivers of living waters pour forth and are evident in the tears filling my eyes. Your words bring salvation, healing, love, forgiveness, light in the darkness, and hope to the hopeless. One of the things I love the most about your words is that they have the power to open my eyes. The eyes of the one who’s eyes you open understand revelation in their heart.

Revelation means to disclose the truth. Truth contains the power of freedom. How we need to be free! The very nature of revelation is that it is truth that is hidden. So, what uncovers it? We receive revelation when the sound of God’s voice is all we hear. So many times, we allow the sounds around us to deafen His voice. Often His words come as gifts that need unwrapped. When we are willing to take the time to unwrap the gift of God’s words, we receive revelation. It contains light wrapped in love and brings change to the one who receives it.

My mind recalls a story which impacted my life. It adequately displays the benefits of drowning out all the sounds around you, so you can focus on and hear what’s most important. There was a young man that saw a job in the newspaper for a telegraph operator. He knew Morse Code and was excited to apply for the position. Jobs were hard to find during this time in history, so he found the office filled with many other applicants and a lot of noise. He was given a job application to fill out while he waited.

As his eyes surveyed the room he saw the shuffling of papers and nervous movement. His mind was racing trying to take it all in because it was very noisy. Of all the voices in the room, the one that seemed to speak the loudest was his own inner voice. It kept telling him that due to his age, he was not the most qualified person in the room. He paused, quieted himself during all the confusion, and prayed silently. Suddenly, he began to hear a distant tapping coming from the other room. He realized that he was hearing Morse Code and his ears strained to listen. As he listened, he realized that the sound had been there the whole time. The telegraph operator in the other room was tapping out, “If you can understand this message, come through the door, the job is yours.” He got up and opened the door to the office, uninvited! The manager was waiting patiently in the office to see who would respond to the message. As he entered the office, the manger said, “May I help you?” The young man explained that he was following the directions given in Morse Code. Much to his surprise, the manager walked out of the office and thanked everyone else for coming. He said the position has been filled. The other applicants became upset and explained that they had not received a chance to turn in their applications. The manager explained that everyone had been given the same opportunity. If they would have only drowned out the noise, they too could have interpreted the Morse Code.

It is hard to admit but as Christians we are all given the same opportunity to hear His voice. He loves us, created us, and longs to spend time with us! However, we allow the distractions of this world to deafen His voice. My prayer for you is that you not only hear but answer the voice of your Heavenly Father. As His voice resonates in your soul, you will experience the power of His words. You will receive revelation!

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

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