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DRUSA Hurricane Florence Updates

Report from Bill Terry as of Monday, October 8: Transitioning

  • North Carolina Mobile Feeding Kitchen has been deployed to Wallace, NC. Gordon Knox reports that the MFK will move tomorrow afternoon and set-up at the fire The length of the deployment is unknown, but the reports warrant IPHC DRUSA Feeding participate with feeding assistance.
  • Cornerstone Mobile Shower Trailer will remain in Wilmington, NC where relief efforts are underway and shower trailer is still in need.
  • Distribution Center at Gospel Tabernacle in Dunn, NC will terminate operation on Friday, 12 October. DRUSA expresses appreciation to Pastor Randy Hill and Gospel Tabernacle Church for leading this extended effort.
  • IPHC Men’s Ministries and M25 are coordinating efforts for relief work in early November for home repairs. Thanks to W.A. Mills and Gary Burd for their leadership relative to this matter.
  • DRUSA is monitoring Hurricane Michael targeting the Gulf Coast.

As of September 24: Reports of Structural Damage

The North Carolina (NC) Mobile Feeding Kitchen (MFK) has terminated the feeding operations in New Bern, NC. The team served 14,000 meals during the deployment.

The South Carolina (SC) MFK will remain in Marion, SC for several more days. The SC Emergency Services is concerned that the rising waters from two nearby rivers remain critical for the area. Many first responders and emergency workers are remaining in area and the MFK will feed them a hot meal three times a day.

Bill Terry has deployed the Cornerstone Shower Trailer to Wilmington, NC. Special thanks also to W.A. Mills, Men’s Ministries Director, for arranging Men of Action teams for deployment to assist with clean-up in Wilmington, NC.

The Distribution Center at Gospel Tabernacle Church in Dunn, NC continues to service the flooded area with water and commodities. Bishop & Mrs. Stuart Sherrill, Heartland Conference, for connecting the Cajun Navy with Gospel Tabernacle, who immediately delivered a semitrailer loaded with commodities. On Sunday morning, the Distribution Center received the first of two semitrailer loads of water coordinated by Pastor Rick Haug from Living Word Church. We are so grateful to Bishop Sherrill and Pastor Haug for responding to the immediate needs expressed!

In consultation with Bill Terry, Bishop Danny Nelson spent a couple of days putting together preliminary reports on church damage and member’s home damages. As of September 22, the North Carolina Conference has 16 churches with varying degrees of structural damage; 33 church families and five pastors who have completely lost their homes and many more with varying degrees of damage. They are continuing to collect information and will update everyone as soon as possible.

Please continue to pray for everyone serving, those affected by the damage, as well as our brothers and sisters in Asia who were affected by the Typhoon the same weekend as Florence hit the eastern coast of the United States.

As of September 20, 2018: The Needs are Tremendous

Bill Terry, DRUSA Director, is in regular communication with Bishops Nelson and Amos relative to IPHC churches and properties damaged by Hurricane Florence.

The North Carolina (NC) Mobile Feeding Kitchen (MFK) in New Bern, NC served 2,000 meals served on September 19. They expect to serve the same number of people today before closing tonight. The Cornerstone Shower Trailer will complete the New Bern deployment on September 21 and Bill Terry has authorized the team to move to Wilmington, NC deployment.

The South Carolina (SC) MFK in Marion, SC served 750 meals on September 19. Warren Matthews reports that the meal count will rise to 900 for September 20. We purchased an ice machine for the SC MFK to help serve cold drinks in the awful humidity.

Gospel Tabernacle Church reports 750 meals on September 19. Pastor Randy Hill reported this morning that the Distribution Center in Dunn, NC is empty of commodities and they cannot fill any more requests. They need more bottled water, paper goods, tarps, diapers, canned and non-perishable food items sent to the church for distribution.

W.A. Mills, IPHC Men’s Ministries Director, is requesting Men of Action Teams for Wilmington, NC. W.A. posted a video providing information for volunteers. Conferences: please alert your churches to contact W.A. Mills at about sending teams to the flooded areas. Pastor Jay Young is coordinating the debris removal teams in Wilmington, NC. You may contact Pastor Jay Young at 910-264-0765 or at

Please share the immense needs with every IPHC church. Everyone can do something to help! You can give online, ship commodities (see list below), or volunteer to aid in the debris removal.

As of September 19, 2018: Clean-up Begins

The North Carolina Mobile Feeding Kitchen (NC MFK) served 2,100 meals at the New Bern site on September 18 and Gordon Knox anticipates similar numbers until the conclusion of the deployment on Friday evening. The Cornerstone Shower Trailer is still with the New Bern deployment. Pastor Mark Richardson reports that the shower trailer is a tremendous blessing to many people.

The South Carolina (SC) MFK moved from Lake City to Marion, SC on September 18. Warren Matthews reported that the MFK served 300 meals for first responders and emergency workers. The SC MFK will remain at an Emergency Site to serve meals with the two rivers rising between Marion and Nichols. There are two shelters opening that will accommodate 200 people who will need to be fed.

The Dillion PHC flooded with 12-18 inches of water in the church sanctuary and education department. Family Life Center took on 12 inches water. DRUSA is closely monitoring the Dillion Church with Pastor Johnson and Bishop Greg Amos. DRUSA has not received further reports of flood damage to IPHC churches since the September 18th update.

Bill Terry stated, “I want to express my personal appreciation to the teams, volunteers, pastors, churches, and contributors for the deployments and demanding work. It has been my honor to keep the church informed with the deployments.”

As of September 18, 2018: Updated Status of DRUSA Deployments

  • Yesterday, the North Carolina (NC) Mobile Feeding Kitchen (MFK) served over 2,000 meals. The Red Cross informed Gordon Knox that the feeding in New Bern can cease once they serve the last meal on Friday.
  • The Cornerstone Conference Mobile Shower will remain on location with the NC MFK.
  • The leadership has assessed the situation in Kinston, NC and are considering deploying the NC MFK to Kinston after the feeding ceases in New Bern.
  • The South Carolina (SC) MFK deployment in Lake City, SC has ended after serving 500 meals. The team has deployed to Marion, SC for feeding. Warren Matthews, SC Conference DRUSA Director, and his team are transporting the kitchen this morning. They expect additional flooding in Marion and Nichols, SC later this week.
  • I have communicated with Bishops Danny Nelson and Greg Amos regarding status of IPHC churches. The North Carolina Conference has four to six churches impacted by flooding. We will continue to communicate with Bishop Nelson. He reports that these churches have insurance.
  • The Gospel Tabernacle Church has served 750 meals in Dunn, NC and is receiving shipments at the temporary Distribution Center.
  • The South Carolina Conference reports three churches with damage in Nichols, Marion, and Dillion. I have visited Nichols and Marion churches and they are satisfactory at this time. We will attempt to visit the Dillion church today which reports 10” of water in some of their buildings. They do not have a “flooding rider” on their insurance policy and will need assistance to clean and repair the damage.

Please continue to pray for safety and financial provision as we respond to the most urgent needs of the communities and share God’s love!

As of September 17, 2018: DRUSA Distribution Center in Dunn, NC

DRUSA has designated the Gospel Tabernacle Church in Dunn, NC as the Distribution Center for commodities collected by IPHC churches. Please help communicate how people can give online or ship commodities to the church at 2105 W. Cumberland St, Dunn, NC 28334. Rev. Josh Brown, Youth Pastor, is coordinating the distribution of commodities. His phone number is 864-617-7623. The most crucial need is always clean drinking water in disasters. We can also use paper plates, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, and plastic eating utensils. Thank you sharing this need!

As of September 15, 2018: DRUSA Teams Assisting Red Cross

Bill Terry arrived in Greenville, NC at 3 a.m. due to the horrible driving conditions. On Sunday, we will connect with Gordon Knox, Director of North Carolina Conference (NC) DRUSA, and W.A. Mills, IPHC Men’s Ministries Director at the deployment site in New Bern, NC. Knox reported that the rain and winds have diminished even though the forecast expects more rain and rising flood waters. The Cornerstone Conference Shower Trailer arrived and are available to first responders.

I plan to visit the South Carolina (SC) deployment site in Lake City, SC. The Mobile Feeding Kitchen (MFK) are waiting on the food delivery from Red Cross. Warren Matthews, SC Conference MFK Director reports that they were cooking at SC Conference facility serving 300 first responders from Louisiana and Mississippi. Once the food arrives, they will begin cooking in the MFK for others.

Running a two-site deployment keeps everyone busy on the phone, texting, and emailing. Please continue to pray for the relief efforts and spread the word for much needed financial assistance.

As of September 14, 2018: DRUSA Teams Deploy to New Bern

At 7:00 AM, September 14th, Gordon Knox, North Carolina (NC) Director for DRUSA, reported that the NC team are on their way to New Bern, NC at the request of Red Cross. They requested both the North Carolina Conference Mobile Kitchen and the Cornerstone Conference Shower Trailer. Knox and his team will begin feeding later today.

Brian Frazier, Cornerstone Director for DRUSA, is arranging for the immediate departure of the Shower Trailer to New Bern, NC.

The South Carolina (SC) Mobile Feeding Kitchen is in place at Lake City High School in Lake City, SC. Warren Matthews, SC Director of DRUSA, reported that the team started feeding first responders last night in Lake City.

You can help by giving and praying! They desire your continued prayers for our teams, first responders, and everyone impacted by Florence storm.

If you would like to make a donation towards the relief efforts, please visit For additional information or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, please email

As of September 12, 2018: DRUSA Deploys to Lake City

DRUSA, in coordination with the IPHC General Superintendent, has officially deployed the South Carolina Mobile Feeding Kitchen to Lake City, South Carolina. The team will set up at the Lake City High School. First response teams are moving quickly to start serving hot meals on September 13th at noon.

Please continue in prayer for the safety of those in the path of the storm.

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