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DRUSA Hurricane Michael Updates

Please share the immense needs with every IPHC church. Everyone can do something to help! You can give online, ship commodities, or volunteer to aid in debris removal and rebuilding.

Report by Bill Terry as of October 15

DRUSA Deployment is underway for Bristol, FL and the SonShine Network Ministries. The South Carolina Mobile Feeding Kitchen is heading to Bristol with team members who will setup operations at the Bristol Pentecostal Holiness Church. Thanks to Pastor Coy Collins for providing our site location and his church fellowship hall which will house volunteers and team members.

This morning I officially deployed the Cornerstone Mobile Shower Trailer to Bristol. The trailer has been servicing the Wilmington, NC area where volunteers are assisting with the rebuilding of properties flooded by Hurricane Florence.

M25 is sending their semitruck with bunks, shower, and generator to Bristol. We are sending as much as we can to assist with the destruction and devastation left behind by Hurricane Michael. Thanks to Gary Burd and M25 for this additional equipment for Bristol.

The Williamson District of churches in the North Carolina Conference are sending a tractor-trailer load of commodities to Bristol. This afternoon I learned that the truck will leave Williamson on Tuesday and will unload at the Bristol PHC on Wednesday morning.

I am heading to Florida on Wednesday morning to meet with our team, volunteers, and continue assessment and establish a time-line for deployment. I have the cooking team from the North Carolina Conference officially deployed for week two in Bristol.

Special thanks to Bishop Mike Gray for rallying volunteers from Alpha Conference who are preparing to assist with the Florida deployment.

I am asking for your prayers for the relief efforts. Thanks for all you are doing to communicate the need across the church. They desperately need financial support and I am confident our IPHC family will rise to the occasion. Thank you!

Report from Bishop Ray Willis on October 12:

As you might imagine, many of our Northwest Region (SonShine Network Ministries) churches have experienced damage from hurricane Michael. We are still trying to get all the damage assessments in, but it is complicated by the fact that phone service has been interrupted and those who evacuated haven’t been able to get back home yet. What we know now is that there has been significant damage to quite a few of our churches.

It is important for those who were not affected by the storm to step up and offer our help to our SonShine Network Ministries family. On Monday I hope to be able to publish an assessment of each church’s damage. At that time, we are going to ask each of our unaffected churches to adopt one of the affected churches. If your church would be willing to adopt a church, we will connect you with that pastor and together you can develop a plan on how you can best serve them. What I need now is to start compiling a list of churches that would like to adopt. Please let me know if you, or your church, would be willing to participate. I will send a list of the affected churches as soon as possible. Thank you for your prayers!

Report from Bill Terry as of October 12:

DRUSA (Disaster Relief USA) received an official request from Bishop Ray Willis and the SonShine Network Ministries for the Mobile Feeding Kitchen (MFK) deployment to Bristol, FL at the Bristol PH Church. The South Carolina team will go in the first week. The North Carolina team under the direction of Gordon Knox will go for the second week.

Bishop Willis reports the Bristol area needs mass care feeding. This area represents several IPHC churches and families impacted by Hurricane Michael. The SonShine DRUSA is rallying volunteers for assistance in Bristol.

Report from Bill Terry as of October 10:

  • DRUSA is monitoring the impact of Hurricane Michael and in communication with the SonShine Network DRUSA Director and with Bishop Mike Gray from the Alpha Conference in Alabama.
  • Gordon Knox reported this afternoon on Walllace, NC deployment of NC Mobile Feeding Kitchen. I am not anticipating a long deployment in this area. Knox reports that many emergency workers have been called away from the area and heading south for Hurricane Michael.
  • The South Carolina MFK (Mobile Feeding Kitchen) is waiting on further instructions and information from Hurricane Michael devastation and the need it may present. Warren Matthews and the team remain on stand-by.
  • A. Mills, MM Director is keeping DRUSA updated on the relief effort in Wilmington, NC, and the work of M25 and other volunteers.
  • The Cornerstone Mobile Shower Trailers remains on deployment in Wilmington, NC.

We will know much more tomorrow relative to damages and assessment for Gulf Coast and Florida panhandle.

If you would like to make a donation towards the relief efforts, please visit For additional information or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, please email

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