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Fierce Hearted- Book Review

Book authored by Holley Gerth

Article written by Kaleigh Bishop


A Fiercehearted Woman . . .
Looks life in the face and says, “You can’t beat me.”
Knows love is a risk but reaches out anyway.
Understands kindness takes real courage.
Believes the impossible.
Fights like she’s unstoppable.
Dares to find beauty in a ragged soul.
Scandalously picks warm over cool.
Tastes life as a brief, salty-sweet miracle.
Skins her knees, has scars that bear witness.
Defends like a warrior and weeps like a girl.
Makes gentle the new strong, small the new big,
ordinary the new extraordinary.
Sees wrinkles on a face as lines in a victory story.
Never gives in, never gives up, never lets go.
Chases Jesus with a tender, world-changing wildness.
Lives in your neighborhood, or not even on your continent.
Looked back at you from the mirror this morning . . .
And has yet to fully see the force her star-scattering,
mountain-moving, water-walking God created her to be.

Fiercehearted gives us a unique and personal look behind the curtain and into the day to day life of a woman who is seeking to live fully for Christ. Holley Gerth is a best-selling author, renowned speaker, life coach, and counselor. However, in this book she sets that all aside and simply shares her most vulnerable moments. She reminds us that “He is made perfect in our weaknesses.”

Gerth writes each chapter so that they seem to be a collection of loosely connected thoughts, covering a myriad of topics such as prayer, having a child-like faith, facing conflict when you have been hurt, and even her own journey with infertility.

As a celebration of everything that makes women unique, Gerth challenges her readers to see themselves as powerful, not because of their strengths but because of their weaknesses. Our places of hurt and brokenness are the very places that God can use us the most, and Gerth encourages us to not run from those places but settle in and allow God to change our hearts through the life we experience.

Each chapter begins with a quote from a fellow female author, and at the end of the book you will find discussion questions for each chapter. You can also order the devotional e-book, “Strong, Brave, Loved: 21 Days Ways to Live a Fierce Hearted Life”, to supplement your small group or Women’s ministry.

This is a great book for any woman who is needing a little encouragement, a little love, and a little gumption.

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