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Recommended Resource: The Beauty of the Balance by Dr. Terry Tramel

Resource Recommended by W. A. Mills, Jr.

Men’s Ministries Director

The Beauty of the Balance: Toward an Evangelical-Pentecostal Theology by Dr. Terry Tramel

Avoiding extremes of either/or mutually exclusive positions, Dr. Terry Tramel finds common ground between traditional Pentecostal and Evangelical theological foundations. He writes as a Pentecostal, appealing to both Pentecostals and Evangelicals, to recognize the significant points of agreement between both, addressing the subjects:

  • Scripture
  • Son of God
  • Salvation
  • Sanctification
  • Spirit Baptism
  • Suffering
  • Second Coming

The Beauty of the Balance is a great read for lay ministers and pastors alike.  It will become a resource you will return to again and again, not only for the insights into our Wesleyan Pentecostal heritage but for the rich encouragement each chapter affords the believer, extolling the great teaching of the Bible, exhorting us to “receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls” James 1:21, NKJV.

Click HERE to purchase a digital copy of The Beauty of the Balance.

Click HERE to purchase a copy of The Beauty of the Balance.

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