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Recommended Resource: Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch by Tony W. Rorie

Tony Rorie is the founder of the award-winning Men of Honor program, used around the world to mentor world changers for Christ. His book “Passing the Torch” is a 13-week experience for fathers and sons into the key elements of manhood.

This book will help you guide the next generation in areas of character, decision-making, and masculinity. This powerful resource will help you have meaningful conversations with your son, or spiritual son, about being a man.

While written for a father and son, this study can also be used as a church-wide study for fathers and sons, or mentors and spiritual sons.  After meeting together for a brief time of discussion and direction, teams can split up to work on the assigned study for the week. This could be a yearly study, where men in the church can help lead not only their sons, but also fatherless sons in the church and community, making it a great outreach tool.

Click HERE to purchase a copy of this 13 week study.

Written by David Moore, Director of IPHC Boys’ Ministries

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