Men of Action

1. How to organize a local Men of Action ministry

2. Types of Projects:

  • Build and Repair – church and church facilities
  • Local Projects – to assist those in need
  • Special Stewardship – sacrificial giving of our finances
  • Disaster Relief – as part of the Disaster Relief, USA ministry
  • Habitat for Humanity – a Christian based outreach

3. Choose a Project

4. Eight steps on “How to Conduct a Men of Action Project”

Download Men of Action Manual PDF English | Spanish

Men of Action is a bold, challenging, adventuresome outreach ministry. It is the vehicle through which laymen reach out to the local community, state, nation, and world in response to the call for help in times of crisis, disaster, or great need. Men of Action will help meet those calls for help with physical, spiritual, and financial support.

Men of Action provides the opportunity for men to become involved in a unique way to share Christ. All men have special and individual talents, abilities, spiritual gifts, and a need to use them in practical, daily ministry in response to the Great Commission. Men volunteering to share their labor and spiritual witness for the benefit of others is a ministry whose time has arrived.

Men of Action is organized at the local, conference, and international level to minister and witness to people who have special needs and who, without this effort, could be otherwise bypassed.

  • Men of Action is. . . taking Christian love into all situations of need, into all places where people are victims of society’s indifference and complexity.
  • Men of Action is. . . the work of dedicated Christians who go beyond their narrow circle of concern and become involved in meeting the crucial needs of others in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Men of Action is. . . Love in Action!

The Men of Action ministry is for every man. There are three different types of men in our congregation: First, the go-getter, the man who loves to participate in as many events as possible (these men are leaders). Second, there are men who would like to get involved but sit on the sidelines because they feel they are not as qualified as the leader. They don’t come forward to volunteer, but if asked to help will become a vital part of the group. Third, there are those men who feel that church is a Sunday affair and don’t feel a real commitment to work for the Lord.

Action Projects will:

  • Provide men with a new awareness of themselves and their worth to the church.
  • Provide opportunities for men to explore and become more conscious of their gifts and how to use them in service for God.
  • Provide Christians a means of continuing a cherished heritage of witnessing and ministering.

The Men of Action Men’s Training Series which is located in the Resource Information Manual (and the R.I.M. CD) will provide detailed instructions on this ministry.

Each local Chapter should commit to accomplishing one project annually. Remember to share the project in the Chapter Annual reports.