Vision and Mission

Women’s Ministries

(WM) is an arm of the church committed to helping women understand their calling and find their place of ministry in the home, church, and the marketplace. We want to see women of all ages anointed by God and released to fulfill their destiny in every conference of the IPHC. The best way to do this is for every church in the IPHC to have a ministry to women that is relevant, exciting, and contagious.

Why have a ministry to women?

Time Magazine reported in their Oct 2009 issue that women today are more unhappy than their counterparts 50 years ago. With more rights available, more autonomy, more freedom of choice regarding careers, mates, and morals, women of today have not yet found the fulfillment they are searching for so desperately.

  • Reality: Approximately seven million adult women in the US are clinically depressed.
  • Reality: 5.3 million women in the United States suffer from alcoholism
  • Reality: 117 million women in the US are considered severely overweight or obese
  • Reality: One in ten women experience domestic violence annually.
  • Reality: About 25% of Christian homes witness abuse of some kind. Domestic abuse affects people from all racial, social, and economic backgrounds.
  • Reality: One out of six women admit to a struggle with pornography.
  • Reality: There are 10.4 million single moms in the United States.

Challenge: How can the church respond to these facts? Yes, sermons can challenge and inspire all of us, but for a woman, genuine life-change happens when someone enters her emotional world, connects with her, and encourages her on a personal level. The Bible clearly tells us that women are the best models of godly behavior for other women (Titus 2). This is why ministry to women, by women, is a vital part of a healthy congregation.

Vision Statement
There is a place for every woman in Women’s Ministries

We want every woman to find her place in Women’s Ministries. We believe in women – their effectiveness in ministry, their influence in the home, and their power in the workplace. Our desire is to encourage every woman in her journey and provide meaningful opportunities for discipleship.

Strategic Goals (Romans 12)

  • Spiritual transformation and growth
  • Excellence and effectiveness in ministry
  • Optimum involvement in service

C4 Mission
The C4 Mission of Women’s Ministries is the lens through which we evaluate everything we do. It is a tool for leaders as well as every woman in the church. The C4 Mission is:

  • Connect women of all ages and cultures through fellowship and service
  • Cultivate positive relationships that will provide opportunities for discipleship
  • Celebrate what God is doing in and through women
  • Create an atmosphere where women can be released into their giftings

Colors – I PETER 2:9
Purple for royalty
White for purity


God’s Word (Titus 2) is clear about our responsibility to younger women. In fact, that very scripture mobilized IPHC women to begin their ministry to girls over 60 years ago. Ministry methods have changed, but one thing hasn’t. Women’s Ministries strives to be the strongest supporter of Girls’ Ministries (GM). We want to continue and strengthen our connection as the parent organization. Click here to go directly to the GM page.