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Book Review: “The Knowledge of the Holy,” by A. W. Tozer

Resource Review / Recommendation: “The Knowledge of the Holy,” by A. W. Tozer

I’ve often opined that too many current ministry and theology resources are simply rehashing and rephrasing the classic works of our faith. It seems fewer and fewer people are producing seminal, original, inspired works like those of our spiritual predecessors. With that opinion, many times I’ve chosen to step back and read the quoted-classic over its summary in a newer work. Such is the case with Tozer’s KOTH.

It’s a small book, power-packed with deep insights into the character and nature of God. Using very few words, Tozer still manages to challenge the reader’s thoughts about Who God is and recalibrate our conception of Him to the revelation of Scripture. The first chapter is aptly titled, “Thinking Rightly About God.” Each chapter that follows, addresses a different attribute of God and the implications of that divine attribute on our mortal existence. It’s not reading for the faint-of-heart, and it probably will be overwhelming for HS and MS students; rather, it’s a personal trainer for leaders– an exercise in making the heart and spirit stronger and more sound in doctrine. I highly recommend this devotional– a classic work for personal study, and its effects will come out in your teaching and preaching.

Written by Stephen Jones, Student Ministries Team Leader

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